Governor lauds vocational school’s extensive international connections

Jember, Java Timur (ANTARA) – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa commended the Puger Marine Fisheries Vocational School in Jember District for its extensive connections to the business community and working industries both at home and abroad.

“I encourage this achievement to be maintained and enhanced as connection and consistency is important in the workplace. Also, I see that the networking of the vocational graduates is already extensive,” Parawansa remarked during her visit to the vocational school in Jember District on Monday.

The governor was proud to witness the progress of the vocational school as graduates of the marine fisheries vocational school were widely accepted to work abroad, such as in Japan and South Korea.

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“Indeed, this achievement has gone through a long process. I am sure that there must be measurable milestones being prepared by schools and Islamic boarding schools, especially as Vocational High School is a reference for forming the character profile of Pancasila students,” she noted.

Parawansa expressed optimism that cadets who have entered the working and industrial world will continue to uphold the character of Pancasila and always cherish the spirit of preserving the integrity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

“I’m sure wherever you work you will not forget your character. Professionalism and Pancasila qualities have to go together,” noted Parawansa.

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Speaking to hundreds of students present, the governor said the East Java Provincial Education Service has been working with state universities to provide a special vocational graduate quota for vocational faculty to boost academic achievement.

“There is a vocational faculty at Airlangga University and on November 10 Institute of Technology (ITS) that provide quotas for vocational graduates. East Java provincial government is committed to building connectivity for vocational students interested in pursuing college, particularly in VET,” she notes.

Kuntjoro Basuki, head of the Puger Fisheries and Marine Vocational School, explained that the school currently has five excellent professional competencies and is focused on the maritime field.

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The five overarching skills are Fishery Nautical, Fishery Products Processing, Agricultural Technology, Fishery Engineering, Fishery Agribusiness, and Shipbuilding Engineering.

“This vocational school is the only best practice to absorb the character of Pancasila among the students of the General Director of Vocational Education. We traveled to several vocational schools in Indonesia for four months with the Director General of Vocational Education to set an example,” he added.

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