Global Punjabi Association thanks PM Narendra Modi for sanctioning ropeway project at Hemkund Sahib

Amritsar: The Global Punjabi Association (GPA) has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for approving a cable car project from Govindghat to Hemkund Sahib.

“By complying with a long-awaited request from the Sikh community, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again shown his love for the community, which translates into his understanding of their feelings and taking positive action to fulfill their religious and social aspirations. to fulfil. The Sikh community believes that the Prime Minister is one of them,” said Iqbal Singh Lalpura, lifelong patron of GPA and chairman of the National Minority Commission.

“The approval of a cable car between Govindghat and Hemkund Sahib has been received with great joy by the Sikh and Punjabi community around the world. The Sikh diaspora in particular will benefit from this as many who wish to pay their respects and Hemkund sahib could not do so due to the age factor, handicap and lack of time during their visit to India. Such pilgrims will now be able to realize their lifelong ambition. Our Prime Minister could not have given a better Diwali gift to the Sikh community,” said Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, the UK-based social worker and chairman of GPA.

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“The cable car approved between Govindghat and Hemkund Sahib by our most respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi will serve a dual purpose: to facilitate the pilgrimage to such disciples who could not make the long journey on foot and give a great boost to the economy of the region. said Colonel Jaibans Singh (retired), an army veteran, journalist, author and vice president of GPA.

“It will give the people of India the opportunity to connect with their priceless heritage. We cannot thank the Prime Minister enough for his noble gesture,” said Dr. Jaswinder Dhillon, secretary of GPA.

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“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s noble initiative will affect especially the youth and especially the Sikh youth by giving them the opportunity to connect with their heritage while opening an important path for them to pursue careers in tourism,” said Ajayvir Lalpura, a young entrepreneur and member of GPA

The GPA has reiterated its determination to convey Prime Minister Modi’s message and vision: “To create the new India of the 21st century, we must follow two pillars: 1. Be proud of our heritage and 2. to work for development with the power of Sabka Prayas’, and ‘to liberate us completely from the colonial mindset’.

Currently, during the pilgrimage to Hemkund Sahib, pilgrims start their journey from Gurdwara Gobind Ghat, spend the night in Gurdwara Gobind Dham and reach Hemkund Sahib the next day, which translates into a three-day arduous journey that everyone cannot undertake despite the desire to to do this. The 12.4 km long cable car connects Govindghat with Hemkund Sahib and reduces the travel time to only about 45 minutes. It will also have stations at Pind Pullana, Gurdwara Gobind Dham and Hemkund Sahib Ghangaria, the gateway to Valley of Flowers National Park.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his particular respect for the Sikh religion and love for the Sikh people by showing a keen interest in community affairs, be it the opening of the Kartarpur corridor, the centennial celebration of the Sikh gurus, assisting Sikhs who have been exiled to foreign shores, releasing many imprisoned for excessive periods after the unfortunate era of militant Punjab, and delivering justice in cases of Sikh genocide in 1984 and many other aspects.


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