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RSNA announces that the first RSNA Global Learning Center (GLC) in Asia is hosted by the Ciptomangunkusumo National Referral Hospital at the University of Indonesia (FKUI/RSCM) in Jakarta.

By partnering with established radiology departments in countries with low to medium resources to set up the learning centers, RSNA aims to work collaboratively with host sites to improve radiology education and patient care around the world. The goal is for RSNA GLCs to become regional hubs for excellence in radiology education through these valuable collaborations.

“RSNA is excited to partner with Ciptomangunkusumo National Referral Hospital in Indonesia to bring our first Global Learning Center to Asia,” said Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD, RSNA Board Liaison for International Affairs. “We look forward to working together to create a customized radiology curriculum for the GLC that addresses the educational needs of the Jakarta region.”

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The first RSNA GLC started in early 2020 at the University of Stellenbosch near Cape Town, South Africa. Since then, GLCs have opened at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) in Tanzania and at the Hospital Metropolitano in Quito, Ecuador.

GLC programs are becoming the benchmark for scholarships in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

“As the RSNA Global Learning Center, FKUI/RSCM will launch the first radiology fellowship programs in Indonesia for female and abdominal imaging,” said Reyhan Eddy Yunus, MD, on-site FKUI/RSCM GLC program director. “These programs will help provide cutting-edge care and become the benchmark for grants in the country and across Southeast Asia.”

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After the host location is selected, a team of RSNA members will work with the GLC over a three-year period to develop a customized educational plan, including a curriculum of hands-on training, didactic lectures, conferences, online courses and more educational offers. Equipment and technical support are also provided depending on site needs.

Members of the RSNA team will travel to Jakarta to learn about the GLC’s educational needs. The team will deliver lectures and provide hands-on training and point-of-care opportunities. The RSNA team, in close consultation with the local team, will design and present an educational plan tailored to the needs of the GLC using RSNA educational resources.

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RSNA is issuing a call for applications to join the Indonesia GLC team. Radiologists with specializations in female and abdominal imaging are needed. The selection will take place in December 2022.

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Learn more about the RSNA GLC program and team member requirements.

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