Ghosts reappears on BBC One and England take on Italy in the Uefa Nations League on C4

Tip of the day: Ghosts

8.50pm, BBC One

Jim Howick as Pat in ghosts (Photo: Guido Mandozzi)

The paranormal comedy returns with Mike and Alison (Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Charlotte Ritchie) welcoming the first guests to their B&B in Button House’s gatehouse. “What’s the matter or are they just coming one way or another,” asks Lady Button (Martha Howe-Douglas), while Conservative MP Julian (Simon Farnaby) characteristically wonders if the guests have come for a “dirty weekend”. Elsewhere, Tom (Mathew Baynton) finally has some admirers – the ghosts of the plague victims mistake the failed romantic poet for a superstar – while medieval ‘witch’ Mary (Katy Wix) learns the meaning of the word ‘holiday’. Enjoy.

England International Soccer

7 p.m., Channel 4

Italy-England (kick-off 19:45).

The UEFA Nations League Group A3 match at the San Siro in Milan. The sides met in the Euro 2020 final but not everything has gone according to plan for either side since then as Italy failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup and England are currently at the bottom of that group. The return leg in June at Molineux ended goalless.

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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

9pm, BBC Two

The boys are fishing for Ferox trout on Loch Garry in the Scottish Highlands this week. It’s not a lot of bite, though, which means more fooling around time and a nice skit inspired by Bob’s comment that the scenery “looks vaguely Canadian” as they introduce themselves as “vaguely Canadian folk duo Hector and Benjamin.” . Paul also casts his rod in Loch Ness while Bob goes to meet Steve,
a monster hunter who for the last 30 years has devoted himself to catching a
Look at Nessie.

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Agatha Christie’s Hjerson

9 p.m., More4

Even if it’s easy, this weird Swedish import has its charms, especially the interplay between the main actors Johan Rheborg and Hanna Alström. This week the body of a chef is found frozen in a restaurant’s refrigerator in a crime identical to a murder in an unpublished manuscript. The author asks Hjerson and Klara to solve the case while Klara may have found a way to get Hjerson on her reality TV show. Co-stars are Maria Lundqvist.

Scottish fling by Martin Compston

9.30pm, BBC Two

Actor and pal Phil MacHugh travels up Scotland’s east coast to Aberdeen, starting in the home of golf, St Andrews. The duo hit the sand — not a bunker, but the beach made famous by the film Chariots of Fire — as they try their hand at land sailing. Then it’s off to high-tech Dundee to explore the cybercity’s position as a global gaming developer, and Aberdeen to explore the city’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.

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am i being unreasonable

9.50pm, BBC One

Daisy May Cooper as Nic in Am I Unreasonable (Picture: Simon Ridgway/Boffola Pictures)

It’s the morning after the night before in the second part of Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli’s riveting comedy thriller – and a paranoid Nic (Cooper) drunkly regrets telling her new best friend Jen (Hizli) about her affair. Her hangover is made worse when she oversleeps and realizes she missed her son Ollie (the great Lenny Rush) unwrapping his birthday presents. I’m not sure where this is all going, but something about Jen seems a little fishy.

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