Getlink: The Channel Tunnel Is at the Forefront of Rail Power Technology and Is Increasing Its Transport Capacity

Paris–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory news:

Getlink (Paris: GET) announces that Eurotunnel has ordered the world’s most powerful static compensator (VSC technology) connected to a train’s electric traction system, STATCOM. This technology developed by GE, in collaboration with Eurostar, is the result of an investment of 45 million euros1 and 5 years of research. Eurotunnel will double the reactive compensation power in the Channel Tunnel and improve the stability of its electricity network, especially during peak periods.

Eurotunnel will be able to run up to 16 state-of-the-art trains simultaneously through the Channel Tunnel, i.e. up to 1,000 trains per day, confirming its potential for developing low-carbon cross-channel transport. STATCOM technology will ensure the long-term performance of Eurotunnel’s infrastructure and open up new growth opportunities by facilitating access to cross-channel services for next-generation high-speed trains.

Nicholas Brossier, Engineering and Project Manager of Eurotunnel It is said:True to its pioneering spirit, the Channel Tunnel welcomes the world’s largest STATCOM system in a railway environment. This state-of-the-art technological system strengthens the reliability and capacity of our infrastructure and guarantees optimal operational performance for our customers 24/7.

Providing a stable and consistent flow of electricity to this vital link is critical. We are proud to have worked with valued customer Getlink to enable the successful upgrade of the traction network to the Channel Tunnel, which will ensure millions of passengers continue to travel safely and efficiently between the UK and France” he added Johan Bindel, Business Leader of Grid Systems Integration, GE Grid Solutions.GE’s STATCOM technology is the primary solution for ensuring electrical stability in the tunnel and helping to navigate the complex environment our customers face today.

Omar Habibi, Chief Operating Officer of the Eurostar Group, It is said:As pioneers of high-speed rail transport in Europe, the Eurostar Group is proud to be part of this adventure that breaks the boundaries of cross-channel travel. By improving the efficiency of the infrastructure and increasing the number of trains passing through the tunnel, this new technological advance will support our ambitious goal of carrying 30 million passengers a year by 2030, across our network.


About GE Grid Solutions

Grid Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy business, serves customers worldwide with over 12,000 employees. Grid Solutions provides electrical infrastructures and industries worldwide with equipment, systems and services to bring electricity reliably and efficiently from the point of production to the final electricity consumers. Grid Solutions focuses on addressing the challenges of the energy transition by enabling the safe and reliable connection of renewable and distributed energy resources to the grid. We electrify the world with advanced network technologies and accelerate the energy transition. For more information about GE Grid Solutions, visit

About Eurostar Group:

  • The proposed alliance between Eurostar and Thalys, which began in September 2019, received approval from the European Commission at the end of March 2022, leading to the holding company Eurostar Group on 1 May 2022.

  • Eurostar Group is owned by SNCF Voyages Développement (55.75%), CDPQ (19.31%), SNCB (18.50%) and funds managed by Federated Hermes Infrastructure (6.44%).

  • The holding company is located in Brussels and owns 100% of the shares of Eurostar International Limited (Eurostar) and THI Factory SA (Thalys), which remain full-fledged railway companies headquartered in London and Brussels respectively.

  • The ambition is to provide an attractive alternative to road and air transportation and accelerate the transition from 19 million passengers in 2019 to 30 million within 10 years.

  • The new entity will offer the largest international high-speed network in Western Europe and aims to implement an ambitious environmental policy over the coming years.

About Getlink:

Getlink SE (Euronext Paris: GET) is, through its subsidiary Eurotunnel, the owner of the concession for the Channel Tunnel infrastructure until 2086. Eurotunnel operates truck and passenger transport services (cars and trains) between Folkestone (UK) and Calais (France). It provides the fastest, most reliable, easiest and most environmentally friendly way across the English Channel. Since its opening in 1994, more than 476 million people and 98 million vehicles have traveled through the Channel Tunnel. This unique land connection carries 25% of trade between the UK and the EU, has become a vital link between the continent and the UK. This performance is reinforced by ElecLink, the new electrical connector installed inside the tunnel. Getlink’s sustainable mobility service offering is complemented by its rail transport subsidiary, Europorte, which offers a wide range of integrated rail services. Committed to “low-carbon” services and reducing environmental impact (the group prevents the equivalent of 2 million tons of CO2 emissions per year through its operations), Getlink places people, nature and territories at the heart of its concerns.

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1 including all the costs inherent in the project


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