Get Paid $30,000 To Move To This Picturesque Italian Town — Here Are The Requirements

You can now add Presicze, the heel of the Italian shoe, to the list of Italian cities that are trying to attract new residents by offering cheap prices for old houses.

Authorities in Presicche, in the Apulia region, about 100 miles from Taranto, are planning to buy an abandoned house and offer 30,000 euros (about $30,000) to move into it. Why 30,000 euros? Because the prices of the houses that are going to be listed will be around 25,000 euros.

The plan aims to increase the depopulation of Presicce, as other Italian cities have offered similar deals or even houses for €1.

“There are many empty houses in the historic center that were built before 1991 and we want them to come alive again with new residents,” local councilor Alfredo Palese told CNN. “It’s sad to see our old neighborhoods full of history, great architecture and art slowly emptying out.”

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Pales explained that the funding will be used in installments. In the first instance, the home buyer can buy the old house. Then, if necessary, the second part will be used to repair the house.

What you need to know about Presicce

Presicce’s origins date back to the Middle Ages when settlements began to be built around a nearby castle. The monks also dug shelters and olive mills for survivors of pirate attacks, CNN explained.

The area later became famous for its olive groves, which produced olives used to make extra virgin olive oil, as well as fine wines, cheeses and cattle.

Interestingly, a network of underground chambers and olive mills is still accessible through numerous historical buildings. In fact, guided tours through the underground network attract tourists.

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The old part of the city is famous for its wide streets criss-crossed by narrow streets.

Outside Presicce, visitors will see domed stone churches, ancient olive groves, and farms where farmers lived safely to avoid pirate attacks. There are hiking and biking trails in the countryside and of course the beach is close by.

How to buy a house in Presicce

Pales told CNN that in 2019, it merged with neighboring communities to form the larger town now known as Presicche-Aquarica. Although Presicce and Acquarica together have about 9,000 inhabitants, only about half of them live in the former district.

More importantly, the merger brought more money to Precinct and could be used as an incentive for people to move there.

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“After the merger, according to Italian law, our vast territory will be blessed with public funds of approximately 1,000,000 euros per year for several years. We plan to invest in the revitalization of the old district,” Pales said.

To qualify as a home buyer under the €30,000 bonus, buyers must be residents of Presicce and purchase one of the authority’s selected apartments built before 1991. But the good news is that €25,000 should more than cover these housing costs. homes, Pales explained.

All the details of the promotion have not yet been decided, but Pales believes that applications will be available on the municipality’s website in a few weeks.

You can find these updates on the Presicce Municipality website here.

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