Gatwick Airport: List of cancelled and delayed flights today including EasyJet amid Italy travel warning

EasyJet has issued a travel warning that flights to Italy could be disrupted.

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TUI is offering ‘full refunds’ after ‘problems’ led to flights to Gatwick being cancelled

Gatwick Airport. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

A statement from EasyJet, published in the Daily Express, said: “We have been informed of the nationwide strike action in Italy on Friday 21 October which will affect air traffic control and groundhandling services.

“Like most airlines operating to and from Italy, there may be disruptions to our flight schedule that day.

“Should flights be cancelled, we will contact customers via email and SMS using the details provided at time of booking and check-in.”

EsayJet has advised customers traveling to and from Italy to allow extra time to travel to and from the airport and to check the status of their flight with a tracker app.

Information board at Gatwick Airport. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

Italian national airline ITA has canceled over 200 flights scheduled for tomorrow due to strikes.

Cancellations are made at major airports such as Rome and Milan.

The strike is expected to last 24 hours.

Gatwick Airport. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

Despite most of the disruptions planned for tomorrow, several delays have been reported on the London Gatwick website.

Here is the list of canceled and delayed flights.

TAP Air Portugal – 2pm – Lisbon – TP1336 – Cancelled

EasyJet – 9am Glasgow EZY883 – Delay 10.22am

Eastern Airways – 9am Newquay T3452 – delay 10.35am

Norwegian – 9:20am Oslo DY1303 – Delayed at 10:46am

EasyJet – 9.25am Krakow EZY8511 – Delayed 9.53am

Air Baltic – 9.25am Riga BT652 – Delayed 10am

British Airways – 9.30am Rome BA8057 – Delay 10.20am

Iberia – 9.30am Rome IB5631 – Delayed 10.20am

Vueling – 9.30am Rome VY6229 – Delay 10.20am

EasyJet – 9:35am Hamburg EZY8343 – Delayed 10:39am

EasyJet – 9.35am Porto EJU8583 – Delay 11.05am

EasyJet – 9.50am Faro EJU8915 – Delayed 10.30am

British Airways – 9.50am Malaga BA8095 – Delay 10.15am

Iberia – 9.50am Malaga IB5961 – Delay 10.15am

Vueling – 9:50 am Malaga VY6615 – delay 10:15 am

Norwegian – 10:00 Copenhagen D83513 – Delayed at 10:30

British Airways – 10am Florence BA8047 – Delay 11am

Iberia – 10:00am Florence IB5613 – Delayed at 11:00am

Vueling – 10am Florence VY6205 – Delay 11am

EasyJet – 10.05am Lisbon EJU8717 – Delayed 11.48am

Air Europa – 10.05am Madrid UX1014 – Delayed 10.55am

Wizz Air – 10.35am Vienna W65703 – Delayed 11.25am

Aurigny – 11.05am Guernsey GR603 – Delay 11.45am

Aurigny – 11:55am Guernsey GR605 – Delayed at 12:30pm

British Airways – 1:20pm Seville BA2798 – Delayed at 1:50pm

Vueling – 1.20pm Seville VY9975 – Delayed at 1.50pm


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