French Travel Agents Get to Know Trikala, Thessaly

A B2B meeting at the Selectour Conference in Athens. Photo source: Trikala Destination Management Organization.

French travel agencies recently had the chance to learn about the outdoor activities, traditional villages and many historical monuments in Trikala during the annual Selectour conference in Athens.

The Selectour network is the leading network of independent travel agencies. France with over 1,200 member agents across the country and overseas.

In cooperation with Thessaly Region, the Trikala Destination Management Organization participated in the event with its own B2B meeting space on the initiative of the Region’s Deputy Tourism Governor. Yiannis Boutinas.

Selectour Conference B2B meetings. Photo source: Selectour.

The event offered the opportunity to promote and promote Trikala and its surroundings as a destination with a wide range of products that can formulate a variety. travel packages.

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The meetings of the Trikala Destination Management Organization with the French travel agencies were conducted by the Trikala Chamber Vice President. dimitris tsolas and the head of the organization in charge of activities and Dimitris Aristidis, member of the chamber’s development department.

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Sponsored by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), the Selectour conference assisted Greek companies and organizations in their marketing and networking plans. Around 550 leading tour operators, hoteliers, tourism professionals, airline managers and journalists from France attended the conference.

While in Trikala… visit Meteora

The wider area of ​​Trikala is home to the geological phenomenon of Meteora, a rock formation more than 25 million years old.

meteor Photo source: ECTAA.

meteora It is home to one of the largest built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries and UNESCO World Heritage List In 1988 because of its religious and artistic significance, as well as its unique architecture and natural beauty.

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It has had and continues to have a significant impact on global pop culture ever since. location of the movie For the 1981 James Bond movie just for your eyes and Oscar nominee boy on dolphin as well as other documentaries and animated films.

Popular computer games, books and serials like game of Thrones Also inspired or inspired by Meteora.

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