Five Stunning National Parks To Visit Across Indonesia

With approximately 17,000 islands found within its borders, the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia is home to a particularly diverse range of landscapes and ecosystems – and this abundant array of natural features has introduced a wealth of spectacular national parks throughout the country. From colorful volcanoes to massive peat bogs, these iconic preserves are essential destinations for any seasoned outdoor adventurer planning a trip to the Indonesian archipelago.

Ujung Kulon National Park

With almost 150 million inhabitants, Java is the most populated island on Earth, but humans are far from the only creatures that call the region home. One particular animal – the Javan rhinoceros – hovers on the brink of extinction, with Java’s Ujung Kulon National Park home to the planet’s last remaining population. Although these ungulates are particularly difficult to see in the wild, a visit to the park offers the opportunity to see several hundred of the species that roam Java’s once abundant lowland rainforests. As for native birds, guests should keep an eye out for vibrant species such as the crested hornbill and black-backed kingfisher, while mammals range from the tiny Java mouse deer to the elusive Javan leopard.

Sebangau National Park

Measuring more than one million hectares, the sprawling Sebangau National Park holds one of the world’s largest populations of orangutans, with approximately 6,000 calling the preserve home. Although rampant uncontrolled deforestation brought widespread destruction to the park during the tail end of the 20 is for his massive nose.

Bunaken National Marine Park

Just over the northern shores of Sulawesi exists a paradise for aquatic flora and fauna in the form of the Bunaken National Marine Park. With close to 400 different species of coral living within its boundaries, the preserve attracts divers from all over the world, while the small pockets of land housed within the park are rich with large mangrove forests teeming with fish and small crustaceans. to cry Although coral is king around the park, oceanic species abound in life, with sea turtles, oceanic whitetip sharks, dugongs and a truly massive array of oceanic fish all serving as potential sights during a dive.

Kelimutu National Park

Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province tends to draw fewer tourists than areas like Bali and Jakarta, but there is a wide range of spectacular natural wonders to explore across the region. Case in point is Kelimutu, a massive volcano that serves as the centerpiece of the aptly named Kelimutu National Park. Located on the island of Flores, this natural feature has been a popular sunrise destination for decades thanks to its three distinctive crater lakes, which all change color throughout the day due to volcanic activity. In addition to these iconic bodies of water, park visitors can also discover a wealth of wildlife, including the bald-throated whistler, a distinctive bird that is endemic to the Lesser Sunda Islands.

West Bali National Park

Bali may be best known for its vibrant nightlife, but there is a wealth of unknown natural beauty waiting to be discovered beyond the West Bali National Park. On the northwestern edge of the island, the region is surprisingly diverse despite its small size, equipped with tangled mangrove forests, dense rainforests and sprawling savannas. This complex ecosystem has introduced a particularly high level of biodiversity, with more than 150 different bird species recorded in the area. Java sparrows, lesser adjutants, and even the critically endangered Bali myna can be found during a visit, while flying foxes, banteng, and leopard cats are just some of the mammal species that call the park home.


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