First Bus partners with Optibus for digital scheduling

The Optibus system has been rolled out across First Bus UK’s operational network, supporting dozens of dispatchers managing 4,000 vehicles across the country

First Bus has partnered with Optibus, a specialist in planning and operations software, to complete the digital transformation of its planning data, processes and systems across its UK operations.

First said the rollout of Optibus across its nationwide operations will allow all of its individual operating companies to improve the service and operational efficiencies of its fleet of 4,000 buses, which cover areas such as Glasgow, Bristol, Essex, Yorkshire, Cornwall and more will lead to improved services for over 1 million passengers every day and smoother, faster workflows for dozens of planners.

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The company says its migration to Optibus has resulted in significant savings across its operations, simplifying the process of making network changes and improving planners’ lives. First Bus believes it is now able to be more flexible in network decision-making and explore improving work patterns and rosters with advanced duty optimization algorithms and an automated roster product with real-time and localized solutions.

Simon Pearson, First Bus Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are delighted to have introduced Optibus’ innovative new software to our UK business. The implementation will improve the lives of our employees and our customers and make us more agile as a company to face challenges and provide the best possible service.

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“We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Optibus team to identify opportunities for improvement and advance the UK public transport industry.”

Over the course of their five-year partnership, First Bus has tested many new Optibus features in live environments, helping Optibus adapt the product to real-world scenarios and unique challenges faced by operators across the UK affecting EV deployment and costs include efficiency and effective network redesign to accommodate new travel patterns.

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Optibus General Manager Dave Joshua said: “Improving public transport requires the commitment of operators, drivers and planners at the front lines of day-to-day operations. First Bus has been a valuable partner in helping Optibus develop bespoke technological solutions for the UK public transport market and beyond. We are grateful for their insight and proud to count them among our partners to improve public transport together.”

First Bus and Optibus have been working in partnership since 2018 to develop technological solutions that improve the lives of First employees. FIRST

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