ExteNet, MGM to Build Largest U.S. In-Building Cellular Enhancement Project

ExteNet Systems, the leading private owner of wireless LTE/5G and fiber neutral host communications infrastructure solutions,

announced a breakthrough partnership with MGM Resorts International to design, build and operate ExteNet’s advanced in-building signaling and connectivity solutions for all MGM properties in the United States.

Through this partnership, which represents the largest in-building cellular project in the United States, the MGM facilities will provide guests with unprecedented cellular connectivity with next-generation wireless infrastructure. Consistent with its world-renowned accommodations, entertainment, restaurants and casinos. Known as the leading casino resort operator in Las Vegas, MGM’s enhanced 5G service will support connectivity for nearly 200,000 daily visitors while eliminating dead spots and providing reliable access to apps, cards and other high-tech features that complement MGM’s exemplary service standards.

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Amplifying airline signals in difficult areas of these massive facilities is key to the overall experience and guest satisfaction. Greater in-building coverage allows guests to more easily coordinate plans with travel companions, arrange restaurant and show reservations, access keyless check-in, navigate to their activities and place online food and beverage orders, as well as social media and text messaging to use and make calls without interruption.

ExteNet Systems expects to deploy a new state-of-the-art distributed wireless network to 25 MGM properties, which consist of 54 million square feet, more than 43,000 guest rooms and more than 70 million visitors annually. Completion of the properties is scheduled for fall 2022 to fall 2024, ahead of the Formula One World Championship in November 2023 and Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024. With extensive major events across the country on the horizon, the focus on hospitality and retail real estate solutions are on decisive.

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Already a leader in the Las Vegas market, ExteNet’s partnership with MGM will strengthen the company’s position as the leading coverage and service provider in more than ten prime locations in the region. MGM’s properties include entertainment venues and arenas that host some of the country’s most prestigious and awe-inspiring red carpet events. In addition, the partnership is expected to bring benefits to MGM’s leading online sports betting platform, BetMGM.

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Rich Coyle, Chief Executive Officer of ExteNet Systems
ExteNet anticipates an aggressive MGM property delivery schedule as we embark on the country’s largest neutral host project. The addition of greater connectivity will further enhance MGM’s world-class guest offerings and support forthcoming plans and developments with future-ready solutions.

Jim Kimball, MGM Resorts International Executive Director of Corporate Collaboration
We are committed to improving each guest’s experience as the world increasingly relies on mobile devices and applications,” said . “That was at the core of our decision to work with ExteNet. They delight in the user experience – so that our properties can reliably bring better service and enrichment to our guests.