Europe’s First-Ever Eco-Friendly Mosque Is Located In The UK

Cambridge needs no introduction – the wealth of history and the impressive architectural details of the buildings can make even non-history buffs fall in love with the place. And Cambridge just got more majestic with the opening of the Cambridge Central Mosque, Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque! Cambridge is around 1h13 drive from London, making it perfect for a day visit! 🤩
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The mosque opened to the public in 2019 and was built in an environmentally responsible manner, in line with the principles of Islam regarding the importance of protecting the environment and protecting natural resources. Every detail of the mosque is designed to minimize its environmental impact – photovoltaic panels on the roof help generate renewable energy from sunlight, air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling to flush water used in washrooms, sedum roofs and passive ventilation.

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Here’s another interesting fact: the mosque was built using timber construction as a defining feature, using sustainably sourced spruce that is bent and laminated.

As it’s all about green here, the gardens here are beautiful – tulips, crab apple trees and other greenery reflect the elegance of this mosque! Tulips in particular are popular in Islamic gardens and we can’t help but think how peaceful it must be to just sit and relax in the presence of these beauties! 🥰

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In addition to the dedicated areas of the mosque (washbasin, classroom, children’s area, mortuary), there is a cafe, classroom and meeting rooms for use by the local Muslim and non-Muslim communities. It can accommodate up to 1000 believers! 😍

Above all, the women’s prayer area needs to be discussed: Three separate areas are available to the women, depending on their preference! After consultation with local mosque users, the existing screen or partition was designed. It features different heights, allowing women to choose their preferred seclusion, from high to waist-high to a central area with no screen. The screen can also be moved back and forth depending on the gender ratio 😱 No more crowding in cramped prayer rooms!

@freespiritrida and the women’s section was so big 🥹 #mosque#islam#muslimtiktok#climatechange#cambridge♬ Aesthetics – Tollan Kim

It must be truly amazing to be able to pray in a mosque that is proving to be inclusive on all fronts while emphasizing our duty as Muslims to care for our environment! Check out the video above to see what it looks like! 😍
address: 309-313 Mill Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3DF, United Kingdom
opening hours: 10am-8pm Website | Facebook | If you need some guidance on what to do in London and the UK, we’ve got you covered with these articles!

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