Eugene Levy Didn’t Want to Make a Travel Show — That’s What Makes Him Perfect For One

Eugene Levy he knows he’s not the right person to host a travel show. But the Emmy-winning actress realized that this is exactly why she was the perfect, and perhaps the only, choice. A reluctant traveler.

Vanity Fair Here’s an exclusive look at the Apple TV+ series that will debut on February 24. Shitt Creek co-creator, star trade at Rosebud Motel, one of the most extravagant places in the world. While many people want to visit beautiful countries like Italy, Japan, South Africa, and Costa Rica, Levi has always been a stay-at-home guy, dreading everything that comes with a real vacation, from airports to tourist spots.

“It was a real eye-opener,” Levy said of the experience. “It’s not very nice to say you’re not really interested in traveling. It’s not something that excites people. Now I’m getting it.”

We talked to the candidate A reluctant traveler Talking yourself into a gig, worrying about torpedoing your show, checking off your bucket list, etc.

Vanity Fair: Italy was already at the top of my dream vacation list and your Venice series only solidified it. So hurry up and book your trip.

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Eugene Levy: I have always loved Italy. It’s actually my favorite place because, first of all, the food, but it’s just a gorgeous place. This was my first time in Venice and I highly recommend it if you’ve never been.

Speaking of traveling, you’re on one right now as we’re talking to you, right? Is it from this show?

I am currently in Newfoundland looking after my five month old grandson while my daughter works and I have never been so tired in my life. Never, never, never.

Well, not as glamorous as what you do A reluctant travelerbut while we’re on the subject of travel, the way you travel still suits you.

Unfortunately, being Canadian, I have to say this is my first time in Newfoundland. It was not the best time to come to Newfoundland because the weather was bad. Cold, rain, fog, snow, everything. So I’m missing LA right now, even though it was such an experience, I’m looking after a tired, five-month-old baby. And we had to do it around his schedule.

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I appreciate your permission to borrow a little. So let’s start where A reluctant traveler started. How did it come about?

This is an interesting story. I was going to say something funny, but I’m never going to be a judge when I’m talking. [Laughs.] So my agent called me and said, “We got a call from Apple, and they want you to host a show about exotic hotels around the world,” and anyone would say, “Wow! That’s something!” I love a good hotel, so I thought this was appealing. But this is a travel show and I’m not the best person to host it. It’s not that I don’t like traveling, I just don’t love to travel Besides, I’m not a chatty person in life, and I think it should be such a gift when I’m doing a show like this. I am not a curious person and have very little sense of adventure. I’m not the one to do that!

So I said, “Thanks to them a lot, but I’ll pass it on. I think they can make somebody better.” And then I got a call saying, “They really want to talk to you,” and I said, “I don’t see why, but I’m going to talk to them and explain why I’m not that person.” work. I went through all these reasons why I’m not that person: “I don’t do it. I don’t have an exotic cooking palette. I’m generally a meat and potatoes person. Don’t give me. put a plate, put an egg on it, drip it on the food – no eating .” And I was laughing on the phone and I thought that’s great because I’m making my point and it’s not a heavy conversation. What we found out later was that after we hung up, they talked to each other and said, “This is a show. It’s not a show about hotels, it’s a travel show with someone who’s not interested in traveling.” And they called me back, and I heard the argument and understood it. I mean, it was like a show where I played to my weaknesses and I didn’t have to be somebody. But even after I said okay, I was still booked because just going through the airport is enough to make me want to stay home.

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