ETC: Appetite for European Travel Still Strong Despite Rising Prices

Despite the cost of living crisis, Europeans planning to travel together Greece Among the 5 most sought-after destinations, the latest found European Tourism Commission (ETC) report.

Countries like Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Austria are interested in visiting the country, according to the Domestic and European Travel Monitoring Sentiment – ​​Wave 13 report. European destinations this fall or winter It reached its highest point since September 2020 (62 percent). However, 23 percent of travelers travel charges may increase.

Based on travel data between October and March 2023, Greece is among the top 5 European countries for British (4th), French (2nd), Italians (5th), Belgians (5th), Austrians (5th). At the same time, Greece is not on the list of travelers from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and Poland.

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A preferred country for Europeans on their next trip

Top 10 favorite countries for autumn and winter travel are presented etc France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Portugal, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Other key points from the ETC report:

-40 percent Europeans He said he was concerned about the rising cost of travel

wanderlust Among Europeans, 70 percent plan to travel in the next six months, an increase of 4 percent within a year.

– 52 percent intend to travel at least twice, resulting in lower demand for weekends

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Image Source: Greece Travel Page.

– 62 percent said they are planning cross-border travel in Europe in the coming months

– 52 percent of travelers answered this way Russian-Ukrainian war will not directly affect their travel plans in the following months

– Only 5 percent said concerns about the pandemic prevented them from carrying out their planned trip.

-32 percent plan to spend between 501 and 1000 euros per person for their next trip (including accommodation and transportation)

– Europeans prefer their holidays three night break From 18 percent to 23 percent in September 2021

-Longer trips (seven nights or more) decreased to 37 percent

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Gen Z less likely to travel than older generations

Source: European Tourism Commission (ETC).

-73 percent Europeans Those over 45 plan to travel the most in the next six months.

“While the cost of living crisis is another undeniable challenge for tourism in Europe, tourism remains a priority for Europeans in the coming months,” said the ETC president. Luis AraujoIt added that Europe should be supported and work to ensure a more resilient industry digital and environmental transitions and putting people at the center of development.

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