Erdoğan On The Tayfun Missiles: “The Greeks Panicked”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched new missile threats to Greece while speaking to a parliamentary group of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

“We didn’t have a missile, and now that we’ve built ours, the Greeks are panicking,” the president said. Turkey. “Newspapers write headlines: ‘The Turk is sending Tefan from Smyrna,'” he added.

“[The missile] It has a range of 510 km. It is not enough. We have to increase it to 1000 kilometers,” he continued in an aggressive tone: “Keep calm, behave well. We have nothing to do with Athens. We do not touch those who do not touch us.”

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Meanwhile, journalist Murat Yetkin claimed that Erdogan could dissolve Turkey’s parliament and call early elections.

According to Turkish journalist Murat Yetkin, Turkey’s president may dissolve the country’s current parliament, resulting in him calling early elections.

“If the opposition does not approve, it will be difficult for Erdogan to decide on early elections from the parliament. In this case, Erdogan could dissolve the parliament and lead the country to early elections within 60 days,” said the Yetkin article published in the Yetkin Report.

“This not only acknowledges the fear that Erdogan will not win the election in the first round on June 18, but also means that Erdogan will dissolve the parliament to gain an electoral advantage. ” Yetkin continued.

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Presidential and parliamentary elections must be held in Turkey by June 18. The AKP runs Turkey in alliance with the MHP party. His public support is waning amid the country’s economic crisis and the ongoing conflict with Greece. Together they are in 334 positions.

Speaking on Channel 7, AKP Vice-Chairman Hamza Dag suggested that the party has two options. “One of them is for the Parliament to take a decision with a vote of 360 deputies in the 550-seat assembly, and the other is for the President to dissolve Parliament”.

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Yetkin said Turkey’s president is considering early elections in April or May. This is because the original date of June 18 conflicts with the Hajj season and the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

The season starts on June 26, but pilgrims usually leave for their trip to Saudi Arabia in mid-June. “We can assume that there will be more AKP voters among those going to Makkah,” he said.

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