Erciyes Is Getting Ready For The Winter Season Ski in Erciyes

Erciyes Ski Center, one of the main winter tourism centers in Turkey, is getting ready for the season. The mechanical systems on the slopes are overhauled by the teams from the region. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Erciyes A.Ş., said: “We are taking the necessary measures to ensure that the mountain with all its elements is ready for the next season.”

Preparations for the new season continue at Erciyes Ski Center, one of the most important winter tourism centers in Turkey. In this context, the machinery on the slopes will be overhauled. The slope personnel gradually check the mechanical systems. Cable cars and snow-making systems will also be given a general overhaul before the new season. Deformed mechanical products are replaced with new ones. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Erciyes A.Ş., who informed about the season preparations, said: “As the management of the ski center, we start the preparations, maintenance and repairs for the next season. Since the tools most used by skiers are chairlifts and gondolas, we check all our products line by line throughout the summer. We rebuild the parts that stretch, deteriorate and deform. We measure the length of their ropes. We renew our gear where the chairs connect to the ropes and require a lot of precision.”

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“Our snowmaking systems are being checked”

Cıngı explained that it takes about 3 weeks to repair a cable car route, saying, “If we start repairing the cable cars before the snow disappears, we can only finish them for next season. Our runways are subject to change due to rock fractures in the mountains, rain, flooding and other factors. Gradient problems can occur on the tracks. We try to remedy these defects with our construction machines throughout the summer. We open new runways. We renovate existing runways. We correct spots with slope problems. We overhaul our snowmaking systems bit by bit. If you can no longer produce artificial snow, you do not meet the criteria of a good ski center. Snowmaking is very important to us. That is why all of our snowmaking systems are checked. We are taking the necessary measures so that the mountain with all its elements is ready for the next season.”

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Skiing in Erciyes
Erciye's winter

As you know, the first snow fell in Erciyes on September 22, 2022.

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