Elite World Group Has Partnered With Italy’s Igoodi to Create 3D Avatars of Models – WWD

MODELING AVATAR: The Elite World Group has partnered with Igoodi to create 3D avatars of models and include all measurements of their bodies in their books.

According to Elite, this type of arrangement is a first in the model management sector worldwide, although avatars are reportedly all the rage right now. “Changes are already happening. There is no need to wait for them; If anything, they need to be ridden,” said Paolo Barbieri, Chief Executive Officer of Elite World Group. “There are risks, but it’s better to take them than stand still, attacking new things first in order to seize these opportunities. We need to take the customer by the hand to apply our skills to novelty.”

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Igoodi’s technology is based on scans carried out using a process that creates an avatar that is as close as possible to a copy of the real person in terms of figure, hair color and complexion. Igoodi also offers a unique dataset called Smart Body, including the model’s anthropometric measurements, taken during the scanning process and accurate to the millimeter.

The Igoodi scanner.

The technology will enable the creation of new operating models that are fully virtual and more versatile, while reducing the carbon footprint of modeling as castings could be done online.

“We are thinking of a near future where it will be possible to create catalogs with avatars of real models,” noted Barbieri. “This will allow people to do two jobs at the same time, one in the real world and another in the metaverse, or to get around virtually, reducing the cost and environmental impact of travel.”

“We are happy and proud of this important partnership which, thanks to EWG’s spirit of innovation, allows us to introduce evolution in such an important sector,” said Billy Berlusconi, CEO of Igoodi. “We also like that it is a Made in Italy company like us that is doing this. For Igoodi, technology is an amazing tool that can improve people’s real lives. Our vision is based on the “good” use of innovation, supporting human innovation in all our activities and following the principles of digital humanism.”

The entrepreneur is the nephew of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and has attracted attention with Igoodi, which first launched in 2015 and deals with fashion industry issues such as the virtual collections designed and constructed on the virtual body.

Vittoria Ceretti, Mariacarla Boscono, Kendall Jenner, Majesty Amare, Adut Akech, Isabeli Fontana, Pleun Keijers and Loli Bahia are just some of the models represented by Elite World Group agencies.

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