Election 2022: Nevada State Assembly District 39

Two-year term

Editor’s note: Ken Gray did not respond to our request for a questionnaire. We include his answers from elementary school.

Ken Grey



Chief Master Sergeant (ret) USAF

Chairman of the Committee of District Commissioners of the district of Lyon

Age: 52


[email protected]


Ken Grey

Service Log:

Chair of the Lyon County Board of County Commissioners and was first elected to the board in 2016

Vice Chairman of the Carson Water Sub-Conservancy District

Comstock Historic District Commissioner

Member of the Nevada Local Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council

Member of the Quad Counties Legislative Committee

Senior Field Representative, United States House of Representatives for Nevada Congressional District 2. In this position, I was responsible for military, veterans, public lands and other office matters.

Chief Master Sergeant (E-9, ret) USAF, served 2 deployments to Iraq and several overseas deployments and deployments including other Middle East locations


Chapman University – Major Thesis in Organizational Management and Human Resources

Excelsior College – Bachelor of Science

Community College of the Air Force – Associate of Applied Science Degrees (3) in Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Allied Health Science and Healthcare Management

Briefly describe the core responsibilities of the position you are applying for:

Assembly members are responsible for representing all residents of their district in the legislature. The member is the voice of the people in making Nevada law and forming the state budget. They are also instrumental in resolving constituents’ problems with government agencies and solving other issues.

A short statement about your platform

As a staunch conservative, I believe in smaller government, lower taxes and less government intervention.

Restore the integrity of our electoral process by repealing the bad electoral laws passed in the last legislature that require voter ID and return to voting by mail for good faith reasons.

Repeal laws that violate Second Amendment rights and enact a constitutional carry law.

Pass laws that protect the unborn child and make adoption easier and more affordable.

Pass legislation to limit the governor’s emergency powers, provide checks and balances, enact rigid time frames, and provide oversight in emergency situations.

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Parents must be responsible for their children’s education, not the government. Education tax money should follow the student. All elements of critical race theory and social-emotional learning must be removed from public education.

Training more doctors and encouraging them to practice here can solve our doctor shortage in Nevada. We cannot endanger our citizens by lowering standards.

My father-in-law was a police officer in Bishop, California and was killed on the job in 2001. We must do everything we can to support our police officers.

As a veteran and father of 2 veteran daughters, the support of our military and veterans is essential.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

My campaign slogan is “Experience counts”. I have a lifelong history of service to our country and state, which has given me the experience and skills to be successful as an MP for We the People. I am a trained and successful leader, as evidenced by both my military rank and the positions I currently hold. I literally had to lead and make decisions in hostile environments. I was trained and mentored by real leaders, not professional politicians.

I will not be a puppet, bow to party or congregation leadership, serve special interests, or accept input from lobbyists just for something they want. I will only support laws that are constitutional and in the best interests of us, the people. Make no mistake my voice, as a representative of We the People it will be heard loud and clear.

Having served as a county commissioner for 6 years, I know firsthand the impact on local government and taxpayers when the legislature passes unfunded mandates. These mandates are always imposed on taxpayers as new taxes and fees. I cannot stress enough that we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and am the only candidate in this race to have done so.

As district commissioner, I restored invocations to our meetings, which had not been allowed for decades. Freedom of religion and not freedom of religion is a fundamental principle in our country. I got my county to both become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County and confirm us as a Constitutional County. Finally, I brought charges of naming something after President Trump. These efforts resulted in our new justice facility being named the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex. It was the first building in Nevada named after him.

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Janice Noble, Ph.D.

Party: Democrat

Profession: Retired Education Officer

Age: 73


[email protected]


Janice Noble, Ph.D.


Capella University – Ph.D. Education;

University of Redlands – MBA;

Pepperdine University – MA Education;

California State University – BS Human Service;

WR Harper College – Registered Nurse

why are you running

I believe that the voices of all voters should be heard. It is critical that laws are implemented that protect our freedoms and rights and support quality healthcare, mental health and education for our community. Democracy must be supported and protected. I will work with dedication and commitment to uphold and promote Nevadan values ​​and ideals. We must ensure our residents have clean water, breathable air, and land that supports the agriculture, livestock, and recreation we enjoy. I want to protect these things and make sure we have affordable housing while maintaining infrastructure that doesn’t damage our country.

Briefly describe the core responsibilities of the position you are running for

Working across the aisle reviewing and researching the hundreds of bills proposed for our state. Connect with voters to understand and support their needs and how new bills can improve the lives of our community members while protecting their rights and freedoms.

A short statement about your platform

I developed my platform based on the many conversations I had with District 39 constituents. I understand that citizens want our children to be well educated with quality teachers and resources. They want healthcare and mental health care from qualified and experienced practitioners. Affordable housing is an important factor for our community, while keeping in mind the critical importance of protecting our country from overdevelopment. Introduce jobs and careers that provide a living wage so citizens don’t have to travel to another county to provide for their families.

Reproduction rights are a central theme of my platform. I support a woman’s right to work with her doctor to make decisions about her health care and what is right for her and her family. That’s her business. Government has no place in this private decision-making process.

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In November, democracy is on the ballot. I choose to support the democratic process, free and fair elections, and to promote the freedoms and rights we hold dear in this country.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I have an education that includes degrees and experience in healthcare, business and education spanning over 30 years. I was a manager and leader in all three areas, bringing compassion, empathy and leadership to each role.

Since retirement, I have been an active member of the Douglas County Democratic Women (DCDW) for four years as Legislation Committee Chair, Vice President and President. I have had the opportunity to follow every legislative session for the past six years and understand the billing process and how bills become laws. For the past three sessions, I’ve also attended Grassroots Lobby Days during each session. Additionally, for the past two years, I have served as Legislative Co-Chair, Vice President, and President of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). This has enhanced my understanding of non-partisan but political activism and strengthened my leadership skills in a non-profit environment.

I believe that I am able to create a pleasant work experience with my colleagues and to listen effectively to all sides of an issue. I make decisions by doing research to understand the details. I’ve long believed that I was given two ears and a mouth to listen twice as much as I speak. This helps me understand the perspective of others and be able to build a relationship that supports progress towards mutually desired goals.

I am well qualified and will accept the challenge to serve as State Assemblywoman in District 39 to assist citizens in exercising their chosen lifestyle in Nevada.

About me: I am not a politician. I’m a person who wants to do my best to help make my home and community the best it can be.


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