Eat & Drink Like ‘The White Lotus’ Cast

Despite being full of naysayers, cheaters, and ego maniacs (or at least really good actors with those traits), Season 2’s cast White lotus It has truly stolen the hearts of its fans who tune in to the series every Sunday night. It’s not just Mike White’s brilliant writing and Jennifer Coolidge’s impeccable dialogue that captivates audiences, but the actors’ chemistry, which seems to transcend age, language and geography. (Called by Leo Woodall White lotus It’s the “greatest job” he’ll ever do, and F. Murray Abraham recently said he’ll start filming again this season.) With a new episode on HBO almost every week, the cast took day trips to various Italian cities and Taormina. behind-the-scenes photos of the outing and numerous interactions have been circulating on IG.

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It’s enough to inspire you to drop everything and book a plane ticket to Sicily. But if you decide, you need to prepare. So I called Adam DiMarco, who plays Albie in the series; He spent a lot of time in Italy—four months after filming—and various family trips while growing up (though his Italian family vacations were far less than DiGrasso’s adventures, he says: “No murders. . .”). The actor gave us tips for making the most of your Sicilian vacation, as well as behind-the-scenes tales that White could have written himself.

Photo by Allegra Messina

Eat: Medusa, Gambero Rosso

Of course, when in Sicily, one eats… a lot. So, it’s no surprise that the cast headed straight to Taormina’s dining scene and checked out many of the nearby establishments before tucking into their favorite dishes. “Everybody had their own position,” DiMarco explained. Just below the Palazzo San Domenico, where that season was filmed, was the Medousa restaurant and hotel. “Sometimes I would go there by myself and have a good meal,” he said. Will he go? Pasta alla Norma is a classic Sicilian pasta dish. The restaurant offers gluten-free options, which the gluten-intolerant actor was very grateful for at the time.

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There’s Gambero Rosso, another Sicilian classic that DiMarco remembers for its wine list. The actor explained that he didn’t drink much before going to Italy, but once in Taormino it was hard to stay dry. “When [Jennifer] Coolidge orders a bottle of red wine, what do I do? Say no?” he said.

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Shop: Feliciotto

About ten minutes from San Domenico Palace and Medusa is Feliciotto, a boutique in town since it first opened as a music store in 1958. The store now stocks a selection of fashion, home goods, accessories and beauty products, so it’s a great place for actors to lose their paychecks. “A lot of us used to spend our day’s money there,” DiMarco laughed.

Beverage: Casamatta

If you happened upon Casamatta, a small wine bar with live music this summer, you probably did. White lotus pouring after a long day of work. The watering hole was near San Domenica, so it became a favorite place to drink.

Sabrina Impacciatore, Aubrey Plaza and the rest of the team at Casamatta.


It wasn’t uncommon for the cast to get together at the hotel bar, with Albie and Lucia confronting Portia and Jack in a make-up contest or Mia throwing a drink in Giuseppe’s face. Every night sees a new mix of people out and about. “I remember quite late in the shoot, I went to dinner with Haley Lu [Richardson] For me and Will Sharpe, it was really new because we’d never done it before and it was a long time,” he recalled. “We were excited about it, and we were like, ‘Oh great. A new crew has landed: the three of us. ‘”

Of course, the actors just needed to dance, so they all went to the club together. Unfortunately, DiMarco can’t remember the names of the establishments he frequents (a sign of a good time), but it might seem pretty special. “I remember at first they wouldn’t let us in,” he said of one club. “I think someone finally took Sabrina down [Impacciatore’s] name, it helped.” Once inside, Leo Woodall gathered everyone around the bar and ordered Jagerbombs, his drink of choice, and, by the way, his fourth bar order.

“The bartender didn’t know what a Jägerbomb was, so we ordered them all separately. But no one was into it like Leo,” DiMarco said. “I don’t think I drank — I did that old movie ‘throw it over your shoulder’ trick. Jägerbombs is a young man’s game, but Leo tried. He tried.”

Photo by Allegra Messina

Cafes: Bam Bar, Bar Turrisi

After getting their sweet tooth, the cast headed to Bam Bar, a cafe in town that sold brioche and granita, a frozen dessert made with fresh fruit, among other things.

But if you’re looking for something more savory, DiMarco recommends Bar Turris, high up on the hill in the nearby town of Castelmola. “It’s a penis cafe,” the actor said matter-of-factly, but I’m sure I heard him wrong. “Yes, an entirely penis-themed cafe,” he confirms. “It’s three stories high and it’s really a tourist attraction. The food is terrible, but you don’t go to a penis cafe to eat, you know what I mean?”

Bar Turrisi seems like a perfect fit for Mike White’s script. (I’ve already featured Theo James’s prosthetics on the show, and F. Murray Abraham’s Bert appraises his penis: “It’s a penis. It’s not a sunset.” According to DiMarco, the script starred Bar Turrisi, but did the final editing. “Will [Sharpe’s] At one point, the character ran,” says DiMarco. We’ll never know what White had planned for Ethan when he entered the organization.

Photo by Allegra Messina

Rest: Survived, Love is blind and others

But it wasn’t all Jägerbombs and penis cafes. Sometimes DiMarco liked to snuggle up in his hotel room with neighbors Megan Fahey or Richardson and watch a good TV show. During his four months in Taormina, he consumed a lot of reality TV: he watched it The Bachelor Richardson and Mike White season Survived With Fahy. (“I highly recommend it, no offense Bachelor,” he said.) He also came in Love is blind and Love on the spectrum himself. “I think fucking reality TV is my preferred way to unwind while I’m working,” he explained. “You can zone out, explore lines or respond to texts. Other than that, you don’t need to pay full attention Love on the spectrum. It’s a great show.”

Homecoming: Friendship, Party

Although their trip in Sicily was over, the actors did not say goodbye to each other. Unfortunately, there is no group chat for the cast as a result of the mix-up of Italian, US and Canadian phone numbers, but this has not led to a loss of contact. After DiMarco crashes on Fahey’s couch after arriving in Los Angeles during the season premiere, his hotel roommate becomes his roommate. Even now, DiMarco regularly meets with his cast members. “I relate to everyone on the show,” she said. “I went to Hayley’s friends party.”

Sabrina Impachiatore and DiMarco didn’t share many scenes together, but they bonded over their Los Angeles transplants (DiMarco is from Vancouver; Impachiatore is from Rome). He even attended the fifth grade viewing party with Italian actor John Grice, who plays Greg. You know, the opening sex scene between DiMarco and Simona Tabasco.

“I wasn’t going to watch it, but Sabrina convinced me to stay,” DiMarco said. “It was really weird watching it in a group of people. I was just hiding behind my hands.”


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