Digital snowmads: Meet the remote workers swapping the office for an adrenaline high

Snow is falling all around me in large, cinematic flakes. 8.45 am on a Tuesday morning in mid-January. I’m sitting on top of a wide void ski slope, ready to mount my snowboard. In minutes, I start a powder-soft jog, then head back to the resort, open my laptop and ready to start a workday.

That was in 2014, six years before the pandemic revolutionized work from home around the world. Studies were not yet part of normal office protocol. However, I managed to persuade my boss to let me work at Morzine, a ski resort. french alps.

For the next three years, I had a long time. working remotely inside France and Switzerland. Changing it to carve new well-maintained tracks for the daily commute was not something I regretted.

Fast forward to 2022 and studies are much more common. In the UK, 56 per cent of workers said they had either planned or already received it. studyAccording to a survey by the language company Babbel.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going for a network: ski apply for your next stay-at-work adventure.

Work at a ski resort to experience the uncrowded slopes

On my first run in the Alps, I remember watching the Christmas crowd disperse, leaving the slopes happily quiet. One of the biggest advantages of being digital nomad at a ski resort you enjoy the off-peak to ski. January and February are generally the best months for snowfall in the Alps – be prepared for deep snowfall and minimal lift queues.

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Yes, there are chores to do during the day, but you can always squeeze in a jog or two before work or at lunch. Also, take advantage of the night. to ski. Many resorts now light up the slopes once a week during the winter months, allowing you to fit in some extra ski time after work.

Top tip: French on Saturdays and Austria resorts can be unexpectedly quiet, especially if they’re quite far away. This is the main day of change chalets; most vacationers are in transit, allowing you a full day to explore the slopes in peace.

Your ski/snowboard skills will improve significantly during your stay.

think you’re a pretty good person skier already? Yes, you can beat your brother in the who gets to the bar first race, but that doesn’t mean you’re technically a good skier. However, you will see rapid improvement in your technique after spending five months at a ski resort.

During my first winter in the Alps, I was able to snowboard on the red tracks, although I was quite wobbly when it came to flats and steep icy slopes. At the end of the season, I was comfortably off the track and even trying to do a few jumps in the snow park. If you are a complete beginner, an alpine study this will allow you to go beyond exhaustion learn to ski week and actually see consistent progress.

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Increased fitness is another benefit. On a week’s ski vacation, it takes a few days before your legs feel like overcooked spaghetti. Take a month to live in it. mountains and you will notice that these quad muscles are getting stronger and your stamina increases. You’ll soon be able to spend an entire day on the slopes without needing a full-body massage to recuperate.

There are dozens of like-minded people to meet at the ski resorts

If you love skiing enough to spend a month at a ski resort, you’ll undoubtedly meet other like-minded souls. ski resorts international crowdedthey are all looking for the same thing: maximum skiing time.

Going to local bars is a way to meet others, especially since ski resorts are known for their noisy nightlife. However, you don’t have to go out for drinks to meet someone else. digital nomads. Fitness classes and language classes are a great way to meet other semi-locals who might want to ski with you on the weekends.

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There are also many events organized throughout the country. AlpsWhether it’s the Mountain Film Awards held in Verbier, Tignes and Morzine, or the end-of-season waterslide competition in Engelberg, it aims to bring together avid snow sports fans.

However, the ‘snow-crazy’ life has a few downsides.

How to beat accommodation in expensive ski resort

Long stay in ski resorts, as everyone knows expensive and it can be hard to find. Many landlords in French resorts require you to pay the entire season’s rent upfront, even if you have a high savings account; this is a huge stretch.

However, chalets and vacation rental companies are following the popularity of the business, making it easy to stay for a month or more. Swiss Escape offers business-friendly accommodation with high-speed Wi-Fi in Grimentz, while Heyday Chalet in MorzinIncludes France’s own co-working space, bookable meeting rooms for calls, plus breakfast and dinner.

Warning: One ski resort it’s addictive.

As soon as I finished my first ski run, I was planning the next one. From making new ski-obsessed friends snowshoes dancing under the full moon and until dawn was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

lying drenched in the sun Beach It may sound tempting, but once winter comes, I know mountains will call me back.


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