Delhi court refuses Robert Vadra’s medical emergency stay in UAE, asks why his FD should not be forfeited

September 20, 2022 20:11 IS

New Delhi [India]20 September (ANI): A court in Delhi has expressed displeasure at businessman Robert Vadra’s statement that he was in Dubai due to a medical emergency in August this year when he flew to the UK via the United Arab Emirates (UK) had traveled and said this was a breach of the terms of the permit he had been granted.
The court also issued an Evidence Notice asking Vadra, husband of Congress Chair Priyanka Gandhi, why his Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR), issued under the Dec.
Special Judge Neelofar Abida Parveen said on Monday that she could not accept the allegation on applicant Robert Vadra’s sole statement, mentioned in the affidavit, that the applicant was, under the circumstances, compelled or compelled, due to medical necessity, to to stay in the UAE.
The court also noted that the copy of the travel tickets indicated that Vadra was scheduled to stay in Dubai from August 25 to 29 and would then travel to London on August 29.
The court had granted Robert Vadra permission on August 12 to travel to the United Kingdom for four weeks via the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Italy.
The court found that the flight and hotel details mentioned in Robert Vadra’s said undertaking clearly indicated that he would travel to the UK via the UAE as permitted by that court.
Vadra said in his affidavit that he stayed in the United Arab Emirates before continuing his journey because he had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in his left leg and was advised to get adequate rest between long-haul flights.
Due to inflammation and pain in his left leg during the said trip, he had to stop and seek medical advice on August 27 in Dubai at the LGA Medical Facilitation Center dedicated to medical emergencies of travelers in Dubai, where he learned about more medical advice was informed treatment in this regard, argued Vadra’s lawyer.
Vadra stated in his affidavit that his stoppage in the United Arab Emirates during the said trip to the UK was not with the intention of violating any condition imposed, nor was there any attempt to deceive them, but because of medical necessity.
The court further noted that he had previously been permitted by that court to travel abroad for DVT treatment and counseling in 2019 and that relevant material documents had previously been filed.
The Senior Advocate KTS acted for Robert Vadra and also submitted a medical certificate for the complainant. The court has further adjourned the matter to September 21, 2022 for the filing of explanations and deliberations.
Robert Vadra is currently on bail in a money laundering case filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

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