Couple who met at Witney travel firm name kids after fiction heroes

A travel-obsessed couple who met while working for a travel firm in Witney say they have “no regrets” about naming their children after fictional adventurers.

John Newby, 45, from Chipping Norton, and his wife Tara, 35, have traveled to 24 countries with their 20-month-old son Crusoe, named after Robin Crusoe, the 18th-century hero of Daniel. Defoe.

Their youngest son, Sawyer, 12 weeks old, is a new addition to the family and is named after Mark Twain’s fictional character Thomas Sawyer, the famous adventurer in his 1876 novel.

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Despite the couple’s name match, dad John said some people disagreed with their choice of name.

Content creator John said: “I loved Robinson Crusoe and as soon as we found out we were pregnant I knew I wanted to call my baby Crusoe.

“Since 12 weeks, I’ve been referring to him as Crusoe rather than ‘baby’.

“We had a lot of arguments about it, but we knew we had to accept six months in Tara and be Crusoe.

Oxford Post:

“Tara’s parents were really skeptical at first – my parents said I was crazy again.

“Sawyer was a bit easier for people to understand after Crusoe, and it’s not a name that challenged people, but Crusoe really was.

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“Thomas Sawyer is a lovable rogue and a friend of the Huckleberry twins, but Tara won’t let me call him Huckleberry.

“Since then, it’s mostly been positive, I think people are familiar enough that they know what it means, but it’s still interesting.

“We’ve had some people get the names mixed up or disagree.

“On one of our YouTube videos, one person wrote, ‘How stupid to give a baby a name, you did it for your own benefit with no thought for your baby, and then he gets bullied for having such a stupid baby.'” ‘.

“But I don’t agree. There’s a lot of thought behind it.

“It’s not a rash decision and I think it will help him one day – his name makes him stand out.”

John and Tara met in Witney in 2012 while working for a safari firm, but went their separate ways and didn’t meet until seven years later.

They met mutual friends in Spain in 2019 and got married in Antarctica in February 2020.

Returning to the UK in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple soon decided to quit their jobs, sell their home and live on the road in a converted Toyota van.

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Shortly after their departure in July 2020, Tara learns she’s pregnant, but the couple is unfazed, and Crusoe is content to live the adventurous life he’s had.

Currently, their young adventurers have already explored the world while their family lives and repairs on a farm in northern Portugal.

Crusoe has been traveling since he was just seven weeks old, and has traveled to 24 countries since his birth, including the United States, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Hungary, Slovakia, Monaco, Italy, and even 11 countries. uterus.

Oxford Post:

His brother Sawyer, who arrived in September 2022, has also started well, seeing England, Spain, Portugal and Zimbabwe.

Tara, originally from Zimbabwe, said: “Everything we did exceeded my wildest dreams of what life would be like.

“Robinson Crusoe is John’s all-time favorite because it got him thinking about a life of adventure when he was young.

“That’s how we live now. To know that these were the first years of Crusoe’s life means everything.”

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John added: “Crusoe has lived up to his name 100 per cent. He is a very curious, determined and independent child.

“We’re currently living on a farm in Portugal, updating it and sharing it on The Newby’s YouTube channel, and he’s always involved in projects.”

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