‘Complete culture shock’: Will you be chasing these travel trends in 2023?

Holidaymakers are looking to experience “complete culture shock” in 2023, new research suggests.

58 percent of travelers want to “get off”. comfort zone‘ next year, according to a Booking.com poll of more than 24,000 people.

Tourists will prefer far-flung, adventurous journeys – with 40 percent of respondents expressing a desire for “complete”. culture shock.’

Almost half (47 percent) of travelers will visit a destination with completely different goals cultural experiences and languages ​​in their home country, while a quarter (24 percent) want to visit lesser-known cities off the beaten track.

The survey, which polled people from more than 32 countries, is good news for the industry, says Arjan Dijk, Booking.com’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

“While they may navigate chaos and accept contradictions, it’s undoubtedly reassuring for the industry to learn that travel means a lot back on the agenda in potentially more exciting and creative ways than ever before,” he says.

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“Despite global uncertainties, the industry is empowered by travelers looking for an escape that takes them out of their own reality.”

What are the emerging travel trends for 2023?

The survey found that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of travelers are more optimistic about travel next year compared to last year.

But where will they go?

According to the study, 57 percent of travelers want to leave ‘from the web‘ – while it may be contradictory, 54 percent of people say WiFi coverage is ‘non-negotiable’.

A third of travelers would like a ‘back to basics’ feel – but others will escape modern life by looking to the past.

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Many people are “glorifying the good old days,” according to the Booking.com report, with 84 percent of people looking for a “nostalgic” trip.

Era-themed accommodations — think ’70s disco balls or ’90s kitsch — are becoming increasingly popular, as are old favourites.

“There will be an increase in destinations that were previously popular in the 80s and 90s, like Budva in Montenegro or Bolzano in Italy, known for its retro Christmas Market‘ predicts Booking.com.

Health travel is attractive to some people: 41 percent of respondents say they are drawn to meditation and mindfulness trips, while three in five (29 percent) hope to find peace in a silent retreat.

Business trips will be back on the agenda next year. 40 per cent of UK workers want their employers to use the money saved by the switch Remote/Hybrid Working to pay Business trip or retreat.

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How will the cost of living crisis affect travel in 2023?

Although travel is a priority for many people, the deterioration ceast of the living crisis changing people’s holiday preferences.

Half of UK travelers will try to save money by thinking about it off-season destinations or longer distances in the trip, while more than half (53 percent) plan trips earlier in hopes of getting a better deal.

But it’s not affecting everyone – 38 per cent admit they want to be more lenient with their spending when on holiday to make up for a lack of travel in recent years.


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