China Covid news latest: Beijing threatens retaliation over travel rules as ‘70% of Shanghai infected’

Ben Wallace says Covid screening of travelers from China ‘under review’

Beijing has threatened to impose countermeasures on countries such as the UK after introducing new Covid restrictions on passengers arriving from China.

“We believe that the entry restrictions adopted by some countries targeting China lack scientific basis, and some excessive practices are even more unacceptable,” foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning said on Tuesday.

“We are firmly opposed to attempts to manipulate Covid measures for political purposes and will take countermeasures based on the principle of reciprocity.”

People arriving in Britain from China must present a negative Covid test before entry. Earlier today, however, a Cabinet minister announced that travelers who test positive for the coronavirus after arriving from China will not be forced into quarantine.

The UK’s Department of Health and Social Care said China was hit by the new rules because of a “lack of comprehensive health information”, as Chinese state media continue to downplay the severity of the current outbreak.

Chen Erzhen, vice president at Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai and a member of the city’s Covid expert advisory panel, was quoted as saying that 70 percent of the megacity could be infected.


Belgium to test wastewater on planes traveling from Covid-hit China

Belgium will test wastewater from planes arriving from China for new variants of Covid as part of new steps to prevent the spread of the virus as infections surged in China, the government announced on Monday.

“This will be an additional monitoring objective to verify that the data we receive from China is accurate,” Steven Van Gucht of the national public health institute Sciensano told Reuters.

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Most EU countries support pre-departure Covid testing for flights from China

Most European Union countries are in favor of introducing pre-departure Covid testing for travelers from China, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

The EU’s collective approach emerged after Tuesday’s meeting of the Health Security Committee, an EU advisory body of national health experts from the 27 EU countries.

It follows Beijing’s plans to lift travel restrictions on its citizens despite a wave of Covid infections in the country.

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ICYMI: 70 percent of Shanghai infected with Covid, doctor says

The wave of cases comes after the Communist regime loosened draconian Covid restrictions overnight, massing hospitals and crematoriums.

Chen Erzhen, vice president at Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai and a member of the city’s Covid-19 expert advisory panel, was quoted as saying that a majority of the city’s 25 million people may have been infected.

Maroosha Muzaffar there are more:

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White House calls for more ‘transparency’ from China’s Covid data

The United States has echoed calls for more transparent Covid data from Beijing, after Washington became one of the first governments to reimpose coronavirus testing requirements on people traveling from China since Xi Jinping’s “zero Covid” policy was eased.

A World Health Organization committee held a virtual, closed-door meeting with experts at the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today, before which some scientists in attendance expressed hope for a “more realistic picture” of the situation in China ( see post). at 4:43pm).

A White House national security council official would not comment on Tuesday’s meeting, but echoed WHO’s calls for more information.

“It is clear to public health experts and officials, including in the United States, that it is important for the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to more adequately and transparently share epidemiological and viral genomic sequence data,” said the t -official with Reuters.

“This is in the interest of the PRC and the international community and is critical to identifying any possible version.”

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Fury as Rishi Sunak claims that the NHS needs the funding to tackle the crisis

Despite repeated warnings from health leaders that immediate investment is needed to protect patients, Rishi Sunak has said the NHS has all the funding it needs to deal with the crisis engulfing hospitals.

But critics said claims the NHS was under-resourced “were an insult to all those suffering in hospital corridors or in the back of ambulances because the Government refused to act sooner.”

Our Whitehall editor Kate Devlin the description is:

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Encourage people to wear masks and stay at home if they are sick as a pressure on NHS outfits

Parents have been asked to keep children at home if they are sick and have a fever, while adults have been asked to go out only if necessary and to wear face coverings if they are sick and to avoid visiting vulnerable people, and the NHS is under crisis already facing down. multiple waves of winter sickness.

You can read more about the UKHSA’s “back to school advice” here:

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The impact of China’s Covid outbreak on the UK is likely to be minimal, says an expert

The Chinese coronavirus outbreak is unlikely to contribute much to what we see in the UK “small”, an expert in mathematical statistics has suggested.

On the “complex” issue of surveillance testing, “it is worth noting that the capacity for such surveillance is always limited”, said Professor Thomas House of the University of Manchester.

But he warned that testing travelers must be balanced with “potentially enhanced surveillance in our health and social care sectors”.

Professor Rowland Kao, an expert in veterinary epidemiology and data science from the University of Edinburgh, said the surveillance test could fill an “important gap”, adding: “Testing on arrival is not to prevent spread but to collect data – we know a lot. little about what is happening in China.

“If we and other countries are able to collect viral sequences in particular, this will give us information about the variants that may be emerging in China.”

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Delaying patients leaving hospital is the best way to ease the NHS crisis, says Barclay

It is those people who are able to leave hospital but who are delayed in doing so, the health secretary said, which is the biggest driver of the horrendous delays in ambulance transfers that are causing problems in hospitals across the country.

Asked why he won’t give NHS staff a real-terms pay rise in the face of record vacancies, Steve Barclay told broadcasters: “Well, because we’re focusing funding on the backlog of operations , for example, getting more diagnostic hubs in Instead, getting the surgical hubs we’re implementing, reducing the backlog from the pandemic, that’s the main priority.

“That’s where additional funding has come up a lot, but we also recognize the huge pressure we’re being put on in terms of ambulance transfer delays. It is mostly those who are able to leave hospital but who are delayed to encourage that and we need to free up that bed capacity and that is often about having the right social care provision them to do that.

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“That’s why we have an extra £7.5bn going into social care over the next two years, an extra £6.6bn into the NHS to tackle that issue of patients who can leave, who are delayed often have to do so. That is the best way to ease the pressure on A&E and ensure that ambulance transfer times are reduced.”

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Government aims to ‘get people out of hospital who don’t need to be there’, says Barclay

Speaking to broadcasters about the pressures facing A&E units, health secretary Steve Barclay has said the government is focused on “getting people out of hospital who don’t need to be there” to “reduce ambulance transfer delays”. hurry up”.

“It was always part of the recognition of the pressures of covid that this would affect people seeking services during the pandemic, for example, people were more reluctant to go to see their GPs. That particularly affected cardiovascular risk,” said Mr Barclay.

“There are also other factors in the backlog of operations. Yes, it’s important that we get the ambulances to people quickly, too, but there are a range of factors that have come into play, particularly in those cardiovascular deaths, and that’s the main issue when we look at the challenge of excess deaths . .

“So this is something that the chief medical officer, the NHS medical director is looking at very closely.

“The reason we’re so focused on getting the people out of the hospital who don’t need to be there is because that will speed up the ambulance transfer delays and get those ambulances back responding to calls.”

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The EU says it has agreed a ‘coordinated approach’ to Chinese travel

The European Union’s health security committee has announced that member states have agreed a “coordinated approach” to the evolving Covid-19 situation – including implications for increased travel from China.

The committee worked on targeted measures, including pre-departure testing for travelers from China, increased wastewater monitoring and increased domestic surveillance, said Stella Kyriakides, the EU’s health chief.

Over the past week, however, EU nations have reacted unilaterally to the crisis in China, ignoring an earlier pledge to act in unity.

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