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Less than a week after four migrants died paying £5,000 each for a place in a small boat in the freezing cold waters of the English Channel, a convicted people smuggler claimed that French police off the coast of Calais were frequently monitoring the passengers. they come ashore and shout “Take it to England” and set off. Kurdish criminal Tofan, who worked in smuggling gangs before he was arrested in 2010, said there were around 600 smugglers operating along the coastline of France and Belgium, but none were reportedly arrested due to police inaction. Their unverifiable allegations show that thousands of migrants are still allowed to board boats from the beaches, despite a new agreement with Britain to increase the police presence on the French coastline.

Tofan told The Sun on Sunday: “Gangs say the French police are the best in the world. There are nearly 600 smugglers in the camps here and no arrests have been made.”

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He reported how up to 200 migrants traveled each night from their camp in Dunkirk to the Plage de Leffrinckoucke dunes and were frequently followed by French police as they entered the forest to await the weather window.

Many pay between £5,000 and £10,000 to travel with one of the eight boats that try to pass each day.

Tofan said, “The police are watching them as they enter the forest. The only time they do anything is when they hear French and think they’re being recorded by a journalist. Otherwise, they call the mobs ‘good luck’ – meaning good luck in English.

Meanwhile, about 100 armed gangsters were sitting in the bushes drinking cans of hard beer, he added.

Tofan said, “For the show, [the police] sometimes they pierce boats. To show the world that they do their job.

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“But that’s only if there are women and children on board because some have hearts. If they’re all men, they say, ‘Take them to England’.”

Tofan was found guilty of human trafficking in a French court in 2010 and was sentenced to six years in prison. After an armed altercation with another smuggler, he served another sentence for assault.

Mentioning the reasons for the speech, he said, “I know that I profit from human trafficking. I know I did a lot of things wrong, but the boats weren’t that flimsy, and there weren’t that many people – there weren’t any women or children.

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“There are rogue gangs now, many small gangs that don’t care about people’s safety. All they care about is cash. Worse than ever. It has to stop, and I want the police to act.

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“When those people died on the Channel this week, my mother cried and called me and asked me to help stop it. They’re sending people to their deaths. Boat smuggling is very dangerous and I’m sick of this lifestyle.

“There is no respect for human life and it’s all about money. It wasn’t like this before. It’s more and more about going to England. They are sent to die.”

Tofan also claimed that some male smugglers exploited the migrant women by forcing desperate women and girls to sleep with them in exchange for a place on one of the small boats.

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