Cantiere Rossini and reift in the Adriatic

Written by Francesca Webster

When it comes to Mediterranean superyacht refitting or superyacht building, the Italian industry dominates the market. But as we recently heard during the Marche Yachting Association inaugural meeting, one part of Italy that often gets overlooked is the east coast. However, this is a mistake, particularly according to Alfonso Postorino, Cantiere Rossini shipyard director in Pesaro. Cantiere RossiniThe Adriatic coast not only enjoys quick access to Croatia and the beautiful Dalmatian coast, but is also a center for yachting activities, with Ancona representing an important resource base for a large number of shipyards. We caught up with Postorino during the Cannes Yachting Festival to learn more about the region and the rapidly growing offering from Cantiere Rossini itself.

“More yachts come to the region every year and not just for refit or maintenance work. Croatia and the Dalmatian coast have become very popular and a number of large companies are investing in the region. For example, there was recent news about Lürssen’s investment in Rijeka, as well as the new extension of the Adriatic 42 conversion facility in Montenegro, which complements the excellent marinas already there.” Cantieri Rossini shipyard paint shed and hard platformWhilst this may sound like potential competition for Cantiere Rossini, it is clear from Postorino that any activity in the area will be welcomed by existing shipyards and companies as this only further solidifies the area as a yachting centre. Lürssen is even said to announce the opening of a research center in cooperation with the local university, which in the long term can only benefit the region by training young people in marine engineering.

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“This type of activity will bring yachts of many sizes to the Adriatic, including some of the largest in the world. Cantiere Rossini is excellently placed to service these ships. We’ve seen the demand since our inception in 2018, filling our docks and our sheds without any marketing or advertising whatsoever, which is a clear indication that demand is thriving in the area.”Cantieri Rossini shipyard paint shed and hard platformWhen the concept for Cantiere Rossini was first conceived, the team were given a unique opportunity to build from scratch and create a location that suited them and their clients, without being constrained by what was there before be. While the site was previously a commercial dockyard, the entire dockyard was leveled and remodeled to provide the greatest possible maneuvering space for the travel lift.

Read: Cantiere Rossini: construction of a luxurious refit shipyardCantieri Rossini shipyard paint shed and hard platformFor off-water activities, the shipyard has now built two large sheds made from sustainably sourced alpine wood, measuring 64 meters long and 22 meters wide. Both sheds are fitted with state of the art extraction systems and also feature advanced thermal insulation and a geothermal heating system. Natural refrigerant gas and seawater are used as the energy source, resulting in low energy consumption, which not only benefits the shipyard but also the owner. With the local environment at the forefront of its investors’ minds, the shipyard has been carefully designed to ensure that black water is removed through its own sewage system and that solar energy is utilized throughout the shipyard.Cantiere Rossini“Our crew is extremely experienced and able to carry out every stage of the overhaul, from hull painting to teak replacement and interior refurbishment. Our location near Ancona’s yachting center is also a major advantage and we use many of the same contractors as newly built shipyards such as CRN, Azimut-Benetti and the Ferretti Group. This means that not only do we have access to an excellent skill base, but also that many of our contractors are familiar with the yachts from when they were originally built.”Cantiere RossiniWith up to 12 berths stretching up to 56 metres, the team have created a truly exclusive experience for owners and crew, with yachts in the water separated from dockyard operations by a high evergreen wall. Not only does this offer exceptional privacy for crew and owners, it is also aesthetically pleasing and looks much closer to a private marina than a converted shipyard. Shipyard Cantieri Rossini This sense of exclusivity has also been highlighted as a strength of the region by Postorino, who noted that unlike other refit regions, the Adriatic is, at least for now, away from the crowds that inundate Barcelona and Palma.

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“An advantage of the Cantiere Rossini is that it is safe and quiet but well connected, meaning there is plenty for the crew to do, with excellent access to Bologna and Milan international airports, but also that the owners they can visit without being overwhelmed. In addition, if you are the owner of a 50m yacht and are refitting over the winter, you are one of the main customers, which means your yacht gets the full attention of the entire crew.” Shipyard Cantieri Rossini In terms of crew facilities, the shipyard has invested in an excellent gym and office whilst the picturesque town of Pesaro is just a 10 minute walk away. Plans have already been made for the construction of a full-fledged Crew Village with training facilities, and at the speed at which that facility has been built they will no doubt be laying the groundwork before we know it.Cantiere Rossini gym and officesCantiere Rossini gym and officesWith the Adriatic and Aegean on its doorstep, alongside truly state-of-the-art facilities and an environmentally conscious mindset, Cantiere Rossini has quickly established itself as a competitive refit factory in Italy.

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