Canada ranked #15 worldwide for its travel aesthetic

British Columbians love the world’s most breathtaking backyards, and it’s not just the locals’ opinion.

Tourists from all over the world travel to Canada to enjoy its natural beauty, and a new report found that the city ranks among the best places in the world for its “travel aesthetic.”

What exactly is the “travel aesthetic”?

The travel aesthetic, according to swimwear brand Pour Moi, is a collection of images that capture “the essence of a location, from local cuisine to breathtaking views, to the fashion and culture of a place.”

Over the past two years, Google search data shows that the number of people interested in travel mood boards has increased by 81 percent.

To determine which countries and cities around the world have the greatest focus on tourism aesthetics, Pour Moi created two rankings based on Google searches and Pinterest boards.

Travel Trends reveals that Japan tops the global travel aesthetic with 23,198 searches and Pinterest boards. “If your aesthetic is stunning mountain scenery, rich cultural history, and a love of Kawaii culture, Japan is the place for you,” the report’s authors note.

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Japan is followed by Greece with 9,099 searches and boards, praised for its ancient Greek architecture and stunning sunset views.

France was third with 9,097 searches and boards, while Italy was fourth with 7,996. India is in the top five with 7,697 searches and boards.

According to the report, Canada ranks 15th in the world for the most popular tourism aesthetic, behind countries like Singapore and Ireland.

Some of the other selections in the top 20 are Mexico at 7th, Spain at 10th, Egypt at 13th and Turkey at 20th.

The country’s top 20 travel aesthetics

  1. Japan, Asia – 23,198
  2. Greece, Europe – 9099
  3. France, Europe – 9097
  4. Italy, Europe – 7,996
  5. India and Asia – 7,697
  6. Brazil, South America – 5,362
  7. Mexico and North America – 4,995
  8. China, Asia – 4062
  9. England, Europe – 3,864
  10. Spain, Europe – 3602
  11. USA, North America – 2767
  12. Germany, Europe – 2689
  13. Egypt, Africa – 2143
  14. Australia and Oceania – 2039
  15. Canada, North America – 1984
  16. Singapore, Asia – 1701
  17. Ireland, Europe – 1361
  18. Switzerland, Europe – 1339
  19. South Korea, Asia – 1193
  20. Turkey, Europe – 1186

But in the case of cities, the country ranking does not apply. While France is the third most aesthetically pleasing country, Paris has the best tourist attractions of any city in the world. Filled with romantic architecture and world-renowned art galleries, the City of Love has 15,798 searches and boards found.

The United States didn’t make the top 10, but New York came in second on the list with 15,797 searches for its trademark aesthetic.

England’s London is in 3rd place with 7,596 searches and boards, and Japan’s Tokyo is 4th with 4,515.

Another US city, Miami, is in the top five with 4,063 searches and boards.

Three other US cities made the top 10, with Los Angeles in sixth, Chicago in ninth and Las Vegas in tenth.

Top 10 aesthetic cities for tourism

  1. Paris, France – 15,798
  2. New York, USA – 15,797
  3. London, England – 7596
  4. Tokyo, Japan – 4515
  5. Miami, USA – 4063
  6. Los Angeles, USA – 3,467
  7. Seoul, South Korea – 2731
  8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2719
  9. Chicago, USA – 2,307
  10. Las Vegas, USA – 2107


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