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If you want to go on a foreign winter trip we have you covered. Here, we present our favorite winter spots that you should consider visiting; Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey’s tourist mecca, while the country’s capital, Ankara, is worth a visit. You can take a road trip through Turkey to discover hidden gems such as Alakati, Pamukkale’s natural pools, Cappadocia’s Nemrut Dagi mountain and Sumela Monastery near Mecca. Flight cost to Istanbul starts from INR 25,000. The best time to visit is from September to December.

Thailand, Krabi

It is a beautiful winter budget escape and one of the most popular honeymoon and beach resorts. As Krabi receives rain till October, November to March is ideal for a visit. You can get a comfortable room for Rs 3,000. Experience Krabi’s beautiful, clean beaches and bustling nightlife. Flights from India start from INR 25,000. You can get a comfortable room for Rs 3,000. Experience Krabi’s beautiful, clean beaches and bustling nightlife.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

October to April is the perfect time to explore these tourist attractions like Sky View, Museum of the Future and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Also, one can enjoy Dubai’s desert safaris when the weather is not too hot, visiting Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa. Save money on cabs by touring the city on the newly established rental bike network. Flights to Dubai start from INR 13,000, while reasonably priced accommodation starts from INR 5,000.

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Make plans to visit Cambodia’s massive temple city of Angkor Wat or the nature-filled retreat of Ratanakiri this winter. Cambodia is one of India’s most affordable overseas destinations, and the ideal time to travel is from November to April. Air ticket price starts from INR 25,000. The approximate cost of a week-long trip to Cambodia starts from INR 45,000.

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There are many fun activities that will make you have an unforgettable experience in Malaysia. When you think of Malaysia for budget-friendly international travel, you immediately think of turquoise oceans, beautiful beaches and a comfortable climate. Malaysia, one of the most important tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, is an ideal destination for low-budget overseas travel from India. Also, schedule your vacations from December to February for Malaysian festivals like Winter Solstice Festival, Malaysian Chinese New Year, The Dragon Boat Festival and many more. Flight to Malaysia starts from INR 20,000.


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