Britons in EU Feel European & Don’t Plan to Leave, Survey Reveals

Most British citizens living in the EU, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland covered by the Brexit agreement feel European and plan to continue living in EU countries.

Such findings were revealed through the latest survey published by the local report,

The same survey notes that despite the fact that most of them feel European, they continue to raise concerns about travel, among other things.

According to the study, the problems continue to exist while traveling is where most of the problems related to the new status occur. It has also been reported that border officials continue to stamp passports of Britons with residency rights under the EU-UK withdrawal agreement, despite the fact that they do not have to.

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“There is constant confusion around passport stamping. I was ‘stamped’ to France on a short trip… but I haven’t found any way to be ‘stamped again’.” A respondent stated in this regard.

He also noted that there are still some problems that cause confusion among the citizens.

The survey was carried out by the historian of migration and diaspora at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Professor Tanya Boaltman, for the period between October and November 2022, while almost 1,139 British citizens responded.

“Every time I go through Schengen border control, I have to provide both my passport and the Aufenthalstitel card [resident permit in Germany] and see to check they don’t stamp my passport. As I’m currently traveling a lot, it’s been 20 odd times this year…” A respondent stated in this regard.

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Of the total number of participants, 80 percent considered acquiring their new status process very easy or effortless, while 60.7 percent felt their rights were secure. At the same time, 39.3% have concerns about their future status.

The survey also revealed the fact that more than three-quarters of the total number of participants in the study or 76.6 percent plan to live in EU countries or Switzerland. In addition, 65.7% said that Brexit made the election more likely.

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He noted that for some the decision is related to the difficulty of bringing non-British family members to Britain, following the new strict immigration rules.

Previously, figures provided by The Independent revealed that the number of people renouncing their British citizenship had increased since Britain officially left the European Union.

The data provided by the same source revealed that the number of those who renounced their citizenship in the UK increased by 30% in 2021 compared to 2020.


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