‘Britain’s Pablo Escobar’ Curtis Warren faces Scotland travel ban when released

One of the UK’s most notorious drug lords will be banned from entering Scotland if he is released next month, it has been revealed.

Curtis “Cocky” Warren is being asked to give seven days’ notice in writing if he plans to travel north of the border – one of a long list of restrictions being imposed by crime bosses.



Curtis “Cocky” Warren faces a ban on entering Scotland after his releaseCredit: PA
Curtis Warren imagined himself being lured into a drug smuggling conspiracy in Jersey


Curtis Warren imagined himself being lured into a drug smuggling conspiracy in JerseyCredit: PA:Press Association

Warren – dubbed ‘Britain’s Pablo Escobar’ – is set to be released after 14 years in prison over a £1million cannabis smuggling operation.

The former Liverpool bouncer, 59, will also face strict measures banning him from using social media like Whatsapp and Facebook and using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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The strict rules will even force him to inform the National Crime Agency (NCA) if he wants to get into a friend’s car or van.

Other restrictions mean he can only have one mobile phone and one sim card, which must be given to the NCA if requested. The same applies to all devices used to access the Internet.

He is not allowed to have more than £1,000 in his possession and all his financial dealings are limited and closely monitored.

He can apply for a British passport, but any intended movement outside of England and Wales is subject to the seven-day notice period.

It is understood that the restrictions imposed on Warren’s movements and activities are the harshest ever imposed on a convicted British criminal.

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And if he doesn’t follow them to the letter, he’ll be behind bars for another five years.

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Warren, who is awaiting release from HMP Whitemoor maximum security prison in Cambridgeshire, is believed to be worth around £200million before he was jailed in Jersey in 2009 for a contraband racket.

He was jailed two years after serving a sentence in the Netherlands, where he and fellow dealer Stephen Mee were arrested for bringing drugs into Europe from South America.

When Dutch police officers raided his villa near Amsterdam, they discovered £125million worth of guns, grenades and cash, as well as stashes of cocaine, cannabis, heroin and ecstasy.

Warren was considered a key link in Europe for the feared Cali cartel in Colombia, the epicenter of the world’s cocaine trade.

At the height of his power, at the age of 34, his sprawling criminal empire apparently included properties in Wales, Spain and The Gambia, and a winery in Bulgaria.

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The gangster also had petrol stations, apartments in Turkey, a mansion in the Netherlands and more than 200 rental properties in Liverpool.

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Sir Keir Starmer, as chief prosecutor, applied in 2013 to place Warren under a serious crime prevention order, the first time prosecutors had made such a request.

Starmer said at the time, “There is very good reason to believe that absent this order, Curtis Warren would continue to be involved in serious crimes.”

It is understood Warren will be monitored by the NCA’s lifetime management team to ensure he adheres to restrictions for the next five years.

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A spokesman for the NCA said: “The crackdown on serious and organized criminals does not end with a conviction.

“These restrictions protect the public but have little impact on those who are truly reformed.”

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