Border Control Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past For American Travelers

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If you didn’t realize it while traveling in the post-pandemic period, it is now very important to discover new places. too much Easier for American citizens. Apart from not being subject to health checks, they now enjoy rapid transit in many countries due to the usual bureaucracy involving border control, including questioning and passport stamping. It is in the past:

Are We Going All-Digital Frontiers?

Young Happy Family Handing Their Passports To A Border Guard At An International Airport, Air Travel

Whether they’re landing in the Mexican Caribbean or certain entry points in Europe, Americans can now use e-GatesA privilege not given to foreign visitors until recently. Basically, it means they can easily enter a new country, often without speaking to an agent or standing in a long queue.

Dubbed the ‘Automatic Border Control System’, this system has proven to be a valuable tool in strengthening the border, helping travelers to be screened in a much more secure and standardized manner and properly recorded at entry and exit. They are also cost-effective and keep operations running smoothly even when there is a shortage of personnel.

Passengers Passing Through an Uncertain International Airport

At other doors e-Doors are a much more reliable alternative to traditional manual controlsand is known to significantly reduce waiting. In Cancun, where installation took place this year, Americans can expect to enter Mexico “within an average of half a minute” after reaching customs, as opposed to half an hour or more before installation.

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Where Can Americans Use e-Doors in 2023?

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Automatic Border Control, Travelers Scanning Their Passports on eGates for International Travel

Numerous countries around the world have invited Americans to use e-Gates after considering US citizenship as a low risk factor for irregular immigration. Besides Mexico, holders of US passports going to Europe include Portugal, France, Italy, and United Kingdom, just to name a few.

This is a privilege not granted to everyone: Generally, only citizens of developed and high-income countries can use e-Gates at these European destinations. The aim is to enable Americans as well as Canadians, British, Australians, New Zealand citizens and other tourists from partner countries to cross the border more quickly and safely. without unnecessary formalities.

Long Queue of Passengers Waiting to Pass Border Control Arriving in a Foreign Country, International Travel

In France, e-Doors open to Americans can be found at all major points of entry, including France’s busiest airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly, while the UK has included Americans in the manual check exemption list at up to 15 centers. in Italy, Americans 14 years and older It can use the fast track lane at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport and at least five other airports.

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Inside AustraliaForeigners from certain countries are eligible to use the e-Gate as long as they carry a valid e-Passport with a small camera icon under the front cover and are at least 16 years old. Malaysia it no longer processes Americans manually either: as of January 30th, they are among the newly approved for access to e-Doors in Kuala Lampur.

Kuala Lampur International Airport, Malaysia, Southeast Asia

It is useful to mention e-Gates may not be available at all airports or international train stations or Americans may not be entitled to self-check-in at: everything entry points. It is recommended to check the e-Gate rules and eligibility criteria at your destination airport beforehand, otherwise you may have to join the regular immigration queue.

No More Passport Stamp

a passport gets another stamp that allows access to a country

For most travelers, border crossings have always been a major inconvenience. When landing in a different country, the last thing they want is to be detained at a border, waiting for long minutes, if not hours during peak season, until they can speak to a border officer, for long, long minutes. Entry must be granted or denied.

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In addition to being unpleasant, it can also cause anxiety, as you never know who will greet you on arrival and some suspicious officers can be quite thorough in their interrogations. Of course, Americans still enjoy visa-free entry in over 140 countriesand they are often crossed over the border, but the process can be simplified further forward.

American Citizen Holding US Passport While Waiting In Line At Airport American Passport

According to Perry Flint, spokesperson for International Air Transport Associated, a digital boundary means personnel can be allocated elsewhere and resources are best used. aim ‘go much further and switch to contactless travel After all.

It means that the era of customs forms, the constant worry about stamps filling precious passport pages, and grueling interviews with border officials is about to end, and e-Gates are only the beginning.

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