BMO Capital Markets raises its price target on Intact Financial (TSE:IFC) to C$230.00. –

Research analysts at BMO Capital Markets raised the target price for Intact Financial (TSE:IFC) from C$220.00 to C$230.00 in a report released to the public on Friday. These recent events are noted on BayStreet.CA. BMO Capital Markets’ stock price estimate suggests that the company’s share price could increase by 16.44% compared to the last close.
The IFC has recently had access to the opinions of a wide variety of equity analysts. Cormark lowered the price target they had set for Intact Financial from C$210.00 to C$200.00 in a report published on Tuesday, August 2nd. National Bankshares gave a rating of “Outperform” to the shares in a research report published on Friday, July. Intact Financial and increased its price target for the company to $230.00 from $227.00. Both changes were made because National Bankshares raised their price target on the company. On Tuesday, August 2nd, Raymond James published his latest research report. They raised their target price on Intact Financial to $229.00 from $206.00 Canadian and rated the stock as a “strong buy.” Intact Financial has been upgraded from a “buy” rating to a “strong-buy” rating and its price target has been raised from C$215.00 to C$220.00 in a research report published on Friday, July 29th . The target price that Scotiabank has set for Intact Financial has risen to $215.00 from $210.00, according to research published on Friday. This was the last and most important point to note. Eight out of ten research experts surveyed recommended the stock as a buy, with two of those analysts recommending a strong buy. data shows that the current recommendation for the company is a ‘Buy’ and its average price target is CAD$215.64.
The price of a single share of Intact Financial fell by C$1.28 to C$197.52 during Friday’s midday trading session. The total number of shares traded was 166,485, which is significantly less than the daily volume of 389,465 shares typically traded. The stock price has a 50 day moving average of CAD$192.24 and the stock price has a 200 day moving average of CAD$185.54. A leverage ratio is 30.85, a fast ratio is 0.27, a current ratio is 0.44, and a fast ratio is 0.27. The company’s market capitalization is currently CA$34.63 billion and its PE ratio is 13.65. In the past year, the price of Intact Financial has ranged from a low of CHF 158.00 to a high of CHF 205.40. The current price of the company’s shares is C$205.40.

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Intact Financial (TSE:IFC) announced the release of its quarterly earnings report on July 28, a Thursday. The company reported quarterly earnings per share of $7.29, which was $4.45 higher than the consensus forecast of $2.84 for the company’s earnings per share among industry experts. The total amount of Canadian dollars generated by the company during the relevant period was US$5.34 billion. In the current fiscal year, stock market experts expect that Intact Financial will generate earnings per share of 13.0600009 Canadian dollars. This number was derived from projections by industry experts.

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Another event in the company’s operations occurred on August 11 when Senior Officer Anne Fortin sold 350 shares of the company’s stock. This was an example of how the company’s business has evolved. The total price of shares sold was CA$66,986.50, which when split across all shares is CA$191.39 per share. The company insider currently holds 8,936 shares of the company’s stock which together have a market value of CAD$1,710,261.04. Additionally, on Aug. 23, Louis Marcotte, an executive at Intact Financial, sold 4,000 shares of the company. Similarly, this information was presented in the media. The total price of the shares was CA$779,640.00, which corresponds to an average price of CA$194.91 per share. These shares have been sold. Following the closing of the transaction, the company insider now directly owns 26,155 shares of the company, totaling approximately $5,098,710.05.
Additionally, on August 11, Senior Officer Anne Fortin sold 350 shares of the company’s stock. The total price of shares sold was CA$66,986.50, which when split across all shares is CA$191.39 per share. The company insider owns 8,936 shares, which together have a value of approximately 1,710,261.04 Canadian dollars.

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Intact Financial Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides property and casualty insurance to individuals and businesses in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Rest of Europe and the Middle East. The United Kingdom, Ireland and the other nations of Europe are included in these countries. It offers personal liability insurance, property insurance for renters, condominium owners, occupancy homes and seasonal homes, as well as personal auto insurance, RV, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV insurance, personal property insurance, including protection for homes and their contents from risks such as Fire, theft, vandalism, water damage and other damage, as well as insurance for personal and professional liability. It also offers private auto insurance and insurance for RVs, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. It also offers insurance for RVs, other recreational vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

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