Blue Islands Increase flights between Guernsey and Jersey Islands 

LONDON – As demand for flights within the island increases, the Blue Islands need to increase additional flights in the month of November. Blue Islands Airline is a regional airline based out of Jersey and Guernsey to destinations across the UK. The airline operates a fleet of 5 ATR-72-500s.

Blue Islands CEO Rob Veron stated, “We are all now enjoying the value of face-to-face meetings again as we see demand for inter-island travel steadily returning.”

“We currently operate up to six flights a day. It’s great to be able to welcome local sports teams back on board as well, as key inter-island games return – we’ve added several additional services for recent group games. Increasing the frequency of inter-island flights in November allows us to build better and more sustainably.”

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Current itinerary

The quirky Blue Islands airline will offer up to six inter-island flights per day, with three departing from Guernsey and three from Jersey. Blue Islands will also operate additional morning and evening services on Wednesdays in November, adding an additional 1,300 seats as standard.

The airline’s CEO added: “Blue Islands is here to provide sustainable year-round service to and from the Channel Islands. The link between Jersey and Guernsey is an integral part of that role.”

Better than boat service

The distance between Jersey and Guernsey Island is approximately 41 kilometers or 27 miles and this is approximately a 1 hour boat journey by Condor Voyageur services and 2 hours by conventional ferry. The Blue Island flight will fly on the ATR for approximately 20 minutes.

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It seems that the target market for Blue Islands may not be tourists but rather locals and business travelers. If you are a business traveler, Blue Islands can cover the cost of the flight. It looks like Blue Islands airlines are targeting business travelers who are short on time and need to be in both places at the same time in one day.

Tourists may be put off by the relatively higher air fares compared to ferry services. Ferry services can also be enjoyed by tourists as they can enjoy the scenery and relaxing ambiance while an airplane cannot.

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Will this service last?

As with any other short-stop regional route, the question of whether this service will last long remains to be seen. A look at the destinations Logan Air flies to in Scotland, where flights take no longer than 15 minutes, has been essential to the Scottish islands for decades.

This is a different case for Blue Island as the public has alternative modes of transport between the two islands whilst on routes flown by Logan Air in Scotland air travel is the only option.

Unless Blue Island can maintain strong relationships with business travelers, this itinerary will take longer than many anticipate.

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