Bali traveller lists why she didn’t want to come home to Australia

With international borders finally reopening around the world, Australians are returning in droves to their favorite holiday destination.

Bali has been waiting for its regular influx of Australian visitors since the pandemic closed the door between us and Indonesia.

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If you need more reasons to don your Bintang singlet and practice your scooter riding, one avid Bali devotee has listed not one but over 50 reasons why she doesn’t want to come home from tropical paradise.

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Kay Ward, 31, from the Sunshine Coast, took to the popular Bali Bogans Facebook page to share her pros and cons for returning from her recent holiday.

Bali Water Temple - Tanah Lot
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With just three pros – regular use of tap water, beloved pets and no monkeys trying to steal things – Ms Ward had a heavily weighted cons list.

Among the negative aspects of returning to Queensland, she wrote, was the general courtesy Bali showed to visitors.

“Random people on the street don’t say good morning to me, people don’t offer me a $1 ride even though I’m only a 500m walk to the pub,” Ms Ward wrote of Australia.

Others on her negative list included not being able to sit in a sunset bar pool and sip cocktails when she returned home.

“I need to use the bathroom and can’t pee in the pool (admit it y’all did)” she wrote as a cheating.

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She fondly recalled her experience of having a “beer cycle” where she had one too many.

“(In Australia) I don’t have a local Beer Cycle on a Thursday night that hustles me around for two hours while having as many drinks as possible, cheering on the people on the street, only to get off at the end of the tour and realize how many.” I’ve destroyed Bintangs and Smirnoffs and realize how drunk I actually am,” she wrote.

“Then pedaling all the way to Mexicola only to realize the place is a sauna and all the unlimited bintangs have gone to my head and going home is probably the best idea I had all night.”

Bali schoolies and toolies
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A drunk man too pissed to get on the back of a scooter in Kuta, Bali on Friday night.
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“Then the next day when you’re hungover as hell watching the Beer Cycle on their next tour and see a bunch of drunks in Hawaiian shirts and Bintang hats yahoon and you’re so sick from the night before you sit and think.” What for a bunch of damn drongos from Bali Bogan who forgot you sat in that exact seat last night.”

Ms Ward, who first visited Indonesia in 2019 before the pandemic, has just returned from a three week holiday and has mastered the art of being a Bali tourist and offers some valuable information to those planning their first visit.

“Use reputable exchange offices, don’t drink water, use Gojek for taxis. Pickpocketing is a big deal over there,” Ms Ward told NCA NewsWire.