Automobile giant Tech Chery launched the “Yaoguang 2025” future technology strategy

Ankara, Turkey, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, Chery Automobile held the “Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology DAY” event in Wuhu, Anhui. Numerous advanced technological achievements and a new concept model were released at the event site.

The “Yaoguang 2025” strategy was officially launched at the event site to educate consumers about Chery’s cutting-edge technologies and future car development direction, covering the four core areas of Mars architecture, Kunpeng power, lion technology and galaxy ecology. Building on this, Chery Automobile will build 13 core technologies.

Mars architecture includes more comprehensive

The Mars architecture includes two aspects: the platform architecture and the electrical and electronic architecture of the EEA. The high-end vehicle platform E0X was announced. The platform is characterized by five properties: flexible bandwidth, flexible installation space, efficient electric drive, convenient driving control, safety and low weight.

Kunpeng power saves fuel and lasts longer

Kunpeng power covers five core technologies of hybrid engine, hybrid transmission, electric drive, battery and hydrogen fuel cell, and exhibits excellent performance in terms of energy consumption, battery life and acceleration performance. The new generation of Kunpeng powerwith a thermal engine efficiency of 44%, an average efficiency of the hybrid transmission of more than 90% and a hybrid range of over 1,300 kilometers will also hit you next year.

Lion technology is smarter

In terms of intelligent driving, Chery Automobile has built the Chery Pilot platform, which has the advantages of worry-free, labor-saving, time-saving, user-friendly and continuous experience, and provides users with a good driving experience. The upgraded Chery Pilot3.0 platform has a computing power of over 1000 TOPS and can be connected with a maximum of 48 sensors, realizing multi-scenario intelligent point-to-point driving, intelligent parking and other functions, making traveling the User becomes more comfortable and faster.

Galaxy ecology is friendlier

Chery continues to build an autonomous and controllable “1+3+N” galaxy ecology, where “1” represents Chery and “3” represents automobile connection and expansion, including intelligent cloud platform, intelligent data and intelligent upgrades, “N” is an ecosystem built around users, which can be created together and continuously updated, covering the world. The purpose of Galaxy Ecology is to create a combination of users’ favorite Internet products and vehicles according to users’ car habits to provide users with a more useful and intelligent vehicle.

I look forward to applying cherry new technologies.

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