An Italian Town Will Pay You $30K To Move There & There Are Other Perks As Well

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Italy, a new offer may move you sooner than you expect.

A town in southern Italy faced with a shrinking population came up with a creative way to attract more people to live there, including a cash incentive.

Presice, located in Puglia, will pay you €30,000 (about $30,000) to buy an apartment and live there permanently. CNN.

It is part of the “Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica” ​​initiative.

according to ForbesPresicce-Acquarica is technically two towns, Presicce and Acquarica del Capo, merged into one municipality.

The region in southern Italy has been named one of the country’s “most beautiful villages” for its stunning Baroque architecture and “grand palazzi of historic nobility”.

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About 30 percent of the city’s housing units are eligible for the initiative, according to reports Forbes.

The Idealista website currently has 75 houses and apartments for sale in Presicce. We found an old house for €38,000 ($39,500) and what looks like a newly renovated villa for €198,000 ($206,000).

While the architecture is beautiful, it’s been around for a long time, which means you’ll be faced with a renovation project if you decide to take the offer.

“There are many empty houses built before 1991 in the historic center and we want them to come alive again with new residents,” said local councilor Alfredo Palese.CNN.

“It is very sad to see that our old neighborhoods full of history, wonderful architecture and art are slowly being emptied.”

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according to IntermissionThe town of Presicce-Acquarica currently has about 10,500 residents, and the town offers other incentives for population growth.

The city currently pays parents in the region 1,000 euros (about $1,050) per newborn, according to the department.

This is not the first time an Italian city has launched a program to attract people to move to the country.

In September, the Mediterranean island of Sardinia launched a program that would pay people 15,000 euros ($15,600) to live there.

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Other cities are trying to attract tourists.

In October, the city of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the northeast of the country announced that it was subsidizing train travel to promote sustainable travel.

The deal also offers the FVGcard, which will get you free or discounted admission to theme parks, cruises, monuments, guided tours, and more.

This offer is valid until May 2023.

So, if you’re looking for a hand to move to Italy, it looks like you have a few options!

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