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At 6 feet tall in her bare feet, with incredible charm, confidence, poise and poise, former model Celia Abernethy is an expat from Long Island, New York who enjoys an ongoing love affair. Milan and Lecco, its home on Lake Como. The ideal travel consultant and itinerary designer for Milan and Lake Como, he provides excellent assistance to tourists from all over the world.

Discovered by a modeling agency at age 16, Abernethy began her modeling career right out of high school. She first came to Milan as a model and worked in fashion for about 10 years in other cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo, New York and Milan.

Over the years, she has appeared in magazines, fashion shows, catalogs and showrooms featuring the fashion houses of Valentino, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, Krizia and Dior, and modeled for Milan’s own Giorgio Armani and Abernethy. When she was only 25, she was told she was too old for modeling. The dramatic edict from his beloved business was heartbreaking but, ironically, life-changing in a positive way.

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He sadly stopped the runway and thought about what would happen next. His mind raced in innumerable directions, and he even thought of returning to the United States—to the great delight of his caring father—and the charms of Milan and Lake Como exerted a powerful influence. Appreciating quality and detail from her years in the fashion industry, Abernethy enrolled in a graphic design course to put her mind and near-photographic memory, writing and photography skills to good use before working for a web design company. embedded in the computer.

When she met her future husband, it was love at first sight, and they got married three years later.

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“My life in Milan and Lake Como is amazing,” he says. “My father came to me for a few days and said, “I understand why you decided to stay.”

After years of answering questions from friends and guests about where to eat and where to go, fashion, antiques, architecture, nightlife, Lake Como weddings, and more, she made a decision.

“I decided to organize the details of both destinations according to a specific route and publish them on to inform readers,” he said.

Celia Abernethy is a former model who publishes, a popular Italian newsletter.
Celia Abernethy is a former model who publishes, a popular Italian newsletter. (Photo courtesy of Halina Kubalski)

Abernethy, who has a high reputation on the Internet, speaks foreign languages ​​and speaks fluent Italian, has hundreds of contacts and friends.

“I realized that a lot of tourists were bypassing the main parts of Milan and Lake Como,” he said. “I’m not a tour guide, but I can open doors in both directions along the route for specific requests with additional questions. For example, in Lake Como with its vast sky and water, tourists can first book a Taxi Boat Varenna motorboat to enjoy a spectacular overview of Lake Como, and then go to the surface for lunch or dinner at Il Perlo Panorama Hotel to enjoy the spectacular views and scenery. need award-winning chef. Lecco, where I live, is also overlooked by Lake Como tourists. I realized that it’s important to break through the facade of favorite destinations like Milan and Lake Como to see what’s underneath.”

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Celia Abernethy enjoys the view from the II Perlo Panorama Hotel in Lake Como, Italy.
Celia Abernethy enjoys the view from the II Perlo Panorama Hotel in Lake Como, Italy. (Photo courtesy of Halina Kubalski)

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