An Affordable Golf Cruise Packed With Top-Notch Courses

When you think of cruising, golf might not come to mind, but Costa Cruises is here to change that, and at a price that makes it a viable option.

For those who have gone on a cruise and felt like the only thing missing was a chance to play golf, we’ve found the perfect way to fill that void. Enter the Costa Cruise and Golf Programme.


MORE Cruise line and cruise ship

Although Costa is an Italian cruise line, it is the ideal line for Americans looking for something unique in their cruise adventures; for those who want the entire cruise (both on and off the ship) to feel like a complete cultural experience.

“Costa Cruises appeals to a North American explorer mindset, those seeking a more energetic cultural immersion, particularly in the MED,” says Scott Knutson, Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing for Costa Cruise Lines North America.

And what better way to give your inner golfer and world explorer exactly what they want than by booking the Costa Cruise and Golf offer? That’s killing two birds with one stone.

As the official cruise line of the 2023 Ryder Cup, this exclusive Costa experience brings you the best in golf and cruising at an affordable price.

Here’s an inside look at Costa’s new package that’s sure to become one of the hottest themed gulf cruises around.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Cruises Ocean View Room
Costa Cruises Ocean View Room. (photo courtesy of Costa Cruises)

One of the great things about cruising on the Costa Smeralda is that you can choose to board at any of the itinerary destinations that suit you.

The ship departs from:

— Savona every Saturday

— Marseille every Sunday

— Barcelona every Monday

— Palma every Tuesday

— Palermo every Thursday

— Civitavecchia every Friday

Cruise and golf schedule

Costa’s Cruise & Golf offers the opportunity to play some of the most prestigious golf courses in Italy, France and Spain over the course of a week while enjoying a beautiful cruise on board the Costa Smeralda.

Each stop on the itinerary includes two stellar golf courses, carefully chosen to offer golfers a unique Mediterranean experience that pairs seamlessly with shipboard life.

“With our amazing spa facilities and dining offerings, plus the absence of an affordable MED golf program, the timing was right, especially with our sponsorship of the Ryder Cup in Rome 2023, to introduce a unique cruise and golf for golf enthusiasts to experience cruising. and golf, Italian style,” says Knutson.

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This program allows you to explore Italy, France and Spain from the best golf courses that immerse you in the unique golf culture of each of these countries.

There are 10 golf courses included in this program, the most interesting of which is the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, the official venue of the Ryder Cup 2023. Circolo del Golf Roma Acquasanta in Rome is also available to play, offering the opportunity to to experience one of the oldest golf courses in Italy.

Savona offers the option of Golf Club Garlenda, designed by John Morrison and John Harris, or Golf Club Genoa Sant’Anna, designed by Robert Von Hagge, who is world-renowned for his golf course architecture.

Real El Prat Golf Club in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Costa Cruises
Real El Prat Golf Club in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (photo courtesy of Costa Cruises)

In Barcelona, ​​you can choose between Real Club de Golf El Prat, designed by Greg Norman, or Club de Golf Terramar, one of the oldest courses in Spain.

Palma de Mallorca offers you the choice of T-Golf Calvia, one of the best rated courses in Mallorca, or Son Gual Golf, known to be one of the best golf clubs in Continental Europe.

In Marseille, choose between Bay Bastide de La Salette, with stunning views of the Garlaban mountain range, or Bay Sainte Baume, which is set in a beautiful natural park.

The Golf & Cruise Package includes three green fees to access three of the golf clubs chosen above, as well as:

— Priority boarding and disembarking daily

—Safe storage of your golf equipment

—Insurance for your golf equipment (up to €3,000)

— Welcome cocktail

—Complete welcome set with 3 golf balls, lanyard with card holder, golf bag tag and

Costa hat)

— Basket of snacks

—Dedicated transfers to and from golf courses

— Tee times

— Golf cart at each course

— Priority time for early breakfast

— Choice of dinner exchange on the ship as well as a reserved dining area

—25% discount on dinner at the ship’s refined Archipelago restaurant

—25% discount on a one-day pass to the thermal area of ​​the spa center

—25% discount on a 50-minute massage

—25% off a Shades service photo

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For an individual, the price per person is €950. If you choose to add a fourth golf course, you can do so for €300. And, if you choose to play Marco Simone and/or T-Golf Calvia, there is an additional fee of €150.

What makes this package a great addition to the Costa cruise experience is not just the ability to enjoy it alone, but also in groups.

Group benefits and inclusions are the same as above for individuals, but there are two different group package options:

Pussy. This includes three green fees for three exclusive golf courses and is priced as follows:

—5-6 people: €720 per person

—7-10 people: €660 per person

—11-16 people: €600 per person

—17-25 people: €550 per person

—26-44 people: €520 per person

Vulture. This includes four green fees for four exclusive golf courses and is priced as follows:

—5-6 people: €900 per person

—7-10 people: €820 per person

—11-16 people: €750 per person

—17-25 people: €700 per person

—26-44 people: €660 per person

And there are some great benefits for agencies looking to book groups. For every seven booths sold, agencies will receive:

—a free cabin (maximum two people) for certified professional players and their companions

—Free transportation for the pro player with the rest of the group to selected courses

-Free access to certain golf courses

Food experience

Dessert dishes from Costa Cruises
Dessert dishes from Costa Cruises. (photo courtesy of Costa Cruises)

On board Costa Smeralda you will taste rich dishes prepared by three world-renowned chefs who are inspired by each destination. Those chefs are Bruno Barbieri (Italy), Angel Leon (France) and Helene Darroze (Spain), who boast 16 Michelin stars between the three of them.

Head to the ship’s Archipelago Restaurant for a five-course journey with a menu from each of the three-star chefs.

Or, if you’re craving Asian food, opt for the live teppanyaki experience that offers you a meal and a show.

In addition to the ship’s highlights, Costa Smeralda offers a wide range of 10 different dining options – from street food to buffets to a Nutella bar. And be sure to make the espresso bars a regular stop while on board—you’ll never go back to American coffee.


When not golfing (or for those traveling with the golfer), guests won’t want to miss the excursions available through Costa. They have been updated to be the most authentic and longest tours ever, taking you through safe and unique cultural experiences that give you a true taste of the places you visit. And the extra time spent on these excursions allows you to really enjoy yourself rather than feeling rushed to get back to the ship.

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There’s never a dull night aboard the Costa Smeralda with star-studded entertainment. From musicals to dance performances; From karaoke nights to quiet discos, the Costa Smeralda is the place to be when the sun goes down.

And if early bedtimes are your thing, don’t worry – the entertainment takes place away from the cabins, so the noise will never disturb your sleep.

Costa Cruises, Aperol Spritz Bar, Costa Smeralda
Costa Cruises Aperol Spritz Bar on board Costa Smeralda. (photo courtesy of Costa Cruises)

Spa and fitness

Maintaining your self-care and exercise routine is a piece of cake on the Costa Smeralda. The ship’s gym has all the equipment you need to balance all the tasty European treats you’re eating, and the Solemio spa has just what you need to hit the zen zone.

A unique experience on the Costa Smeralda is the snow room. Yes, you read that right. Head to this snow-filled room (and an amazing view) to soak in the cold before heading right next door to the sauna (with an equally amazing view), steam room, thermal pool and more.


The Costa Group was the first cruise operator worldwide to introduce liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an energy source for their ships, and Costa Smeralda is the first ship to bring this idea to life.

Smeralda is powered by LNG, a low-impact fossil fuel, both in port and at sea. This is a breakthrough for cruises as this technological advancement provides:

— 95-100% reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions

—85% direct reduction of nitrogen oxides

— Up to 20% CO2 reduction

Previous golf cruises – while great – were financially prohibitive for many people. Costa Cruise Lines has found a way to bring an outstanding cruise golf program at an affordable price.

With Costa’s Cruise & Golf, you’ll have access to some of the best golf courses in Europe, as well as the world of Costa Smeralda and stunning Mediterranean stops along the way.

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