Air New Zealand To Allow Baggage Trackers

Conflicting information from a New Zealand politician has confused travelers about whether they can use baggage tracking.

Air New Zealand is trying to combat the significant challenges of lost and delayed baggage that plague the country during the busy summer travel period.

The airline’s chief executive, Greg Foran, explained to The Politician the steps he plans to take with Air New Zealand as the airline experiences increased call center demand, under-resourced baggage handlers and staff shortages. Air New Zealand is not alone in facing these struggles, as Many airlines around the world are facing unprecedented demand due to loosened COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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Air New Zealand planes at Auckland Airport

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Last year, Auckland Airport held a recruitment drive to fill 2000 available positions. Before Christmas, only 500 of these positions were filled. Auckland Airport has publicly asked passengers and airlines to be patient as the airport has been operating for an unprecedented amount of time.

National politician Shane Rethy contacted the airline’s CEO and encouraged the use of Apple Air-Tags, which the airline’s CEO approved. However, no official public confirmation of this policy change has been given.

Air New Zealand has sought approval from New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) if passengers will be allowed to use the infamous Air-Tag.


The CAA does not filter for Apple Air-Tags or the Galaxy SmartTag. However, the CAA advises travelers to check the airline’s conditions of carriage. Baggage trackers are widely used in other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.

Aviation commentator Irene King mentioned in October that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) does not see this as a risk, and there is no international ban on these products. Currently, this is at the discretion of each airline. Iran responded:

“The devices are new, and I suspect they have not yet been considered by an IATA panel of experts. This panel of experts will recommend the inclusion or exclusion of the product in the list of portable electronic devices carried on board.”

Lufthansa briefly banned AirTags, before reversing its decision a few days later. Australian airlines Qantas and its low-cost carrier Jetstar currently have no problem with baggage trackers.

Qantas allows the use of baggage trackers

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Auckland Airport needs more staff to run smoothly.

Auckland Airport CEO Carrie Horihangnoi commented on the pressure the airport system will face during the Christmas break and emphasized that patience is required:

“Manpower shortages are a consistent story across many industries and the airport system is not alone in feeling the effects of the labor shortage and the impact it has on its customers”

Auckland Airport

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Vacancies are available throughout the airport, including cabin crew, airline check-in, baggage handling, transactions, security, hotel staff, chefs and cleaners.

An alternative method of finding your lost bags

New Zealand online newspaper Stuff recently reported that a traveler from the United States of America lost his bags on an American Airlines and Jetstar flight from Nashville to Wellington via Dallas and Auckland. Only when he saw his bag in a newspaper photo could he advise the airport of its location.

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