AECOM and Ferrovial Vertiports advance zero-carbon vertiport infrastructure in Florida through site selection framework

Miami (September 20, 2022) – AECOM, the globally trusted infrastructure consultancy, and Ferrovial Vertiports, a subsidiary of leading global infrastructure operator Ferrovial, today announced the implementation of a due diligence framework to identify optimal locations for a proposed Vertiport network, that strategically connects locations in Florida. This framework is expected to play a key role in transforming air mobility with electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs), delivering a carbon-free, fast and affordable transport network that will help enable the future of inner-city transport and regional air travel in the region.

“AECOM is pleased to continue our partnership with Ferrovial and provide services that will help support its vision for the future of air mobility in Florida,” said Dan Faust, chief executive of AECOM’s US East and Latin America region. “Our multidisciplinary teams look forward to providing comprehensive solutions to help transportation innovators like Ferrovial efficiently and safely advance the new eVTOL technology. We look forward to rapidly and systematically conducting location due diligence and airspace assessments that will help transform the way we travel for generations to come.”

The announcement solidifies the partnership between Ferrovial and AECOM to work together on the proposed Florida Vertiports, which will provide essential infrastructure for safe launch, landing and recharging of eVTOLs. The common framework will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of site selection by identifying, ranking and eliminating sites based on design, operational and community criteria. The protocols consider airspace, ground conditions, weather patterns, supply sources, intermodal transport links, first and last mile connections for passengers, expected volume of eVTOL service, current and future eVTOL types and usages, and community priorities related to noise, safety and environmental protection Sustainability.

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“Our vision is that the Ferrovial Vertiport sites designed by AECOM will provide an industry-leading, user-friendly and convenient experience for passengers and eVTOL operators,” said Kevin Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Vertiports. “Given the importance of site selection to make this possible, our joint protocols will help determine the optimal vertiport placement for operators, local officials and the surrounding communities into which vertiports can seamlessly integrate. The protocols will not only help us design the most effective network in Florida, but will be applied to our vertiports worldwide.”

Designed by Ferrovial and AECOM, the Vertiport infrastructure will help enable Florida’s alternative transportation system through a convenient, affordable and sustainable experience that leverages sunlight, natural elements and green building practices to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, sound-deadening materials and finishes are key features of airfield design to further reduce the low-noise emissions of eVTOL jets.

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Ferrovial Vertiports continues to work with eVTOL operators, local officials and the real estate community to expand its Florida Vertiport network for anticipated service launches in 2024-2025. In addition to Florida, Ferrovial Vertiports plans to operate zero-carbon air transportation infrastructure to improve local and regional connectivity for multiple cities in the United States and Europe.


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About Ferrovial

Ferrovial is a leading global infrastructure operator dedicated to developing sustainable solutions. It is a member of the Spanish blue chip index IBEX 35 and included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good; All of its activities are conducted in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact, which the company adopted in 2002.

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Ferrovial Airports has been in the aviation sector since 1998 and has over 20 years of experience investing, developing and operating 33 airports around the world including the United States, Australia and Chile. Ferrovial Airport currently owns 25% of Heathrow Airport and 50% of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton Airports in the UK. In June 2022, Ferrovial Airports acquired a stake in the consortium tasked with designing, building and operating the new Terminal One at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in the United States. Recently, the company also acquired 60% of Dalaman International Airport in Turkey from YDA Group.

In partnership with leading manufacturers and air service operators, Ferrovial Vertiports, backed by Ferrovial’s 70 years of transportation infrastructure expertise, is developing a number of vertiport networks in Europe and the United States essential to support operations for all-electric, zero-carbon verticals Launch- and landing aircraft (eVTOL).

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