Accused ISIS terrorist Neil Prakash faces court in Darwin

Jihadi accuses Neal eight years after joining Islamic State terror group Prakash Australia faces court after being deported from Turkey.

The charges he faces include separate charges of engaging in hostile activities in a foreign state and engaging in hostile activities in a foreign country, each carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Sandra Booth said the agency was working “relentlessly” to bring Prakash to justice.

“The AFP and our partners are committed to keeping Australians safe,” Asst. Com. Booth said.

Prakash, who is in a Turkish jail, was flown to the Northern Territory by a chartered flight on Friday morning.

In 2016, he was mistakenly believed to have been killed in a US military strike in the Iraqi city of Mosul before Australian authorities confirmed he was still alive and arrested in Turkey.

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Northern Territory Local Court Chief Judge Elizabeth Morris granted an extradition order requiring him to be transferred to Victoria on or before December 9 to face court in Melbourne.

Silence in the court

PrakashAppearing in court via a video link, he declined legal representation and remained silent when asked by Justice Morris to confirm his identity.

Wearing a white T-shirt and a beard, he sits with his head down for most of the activity. Prakash He did not respond when asked if he had any questions on the extradition order or if he wanted to apply for bail.

He was formally identified by Victorian detective Andrew Gibney, who told the court Prakash had distinctive scars and a tattoo of a family member’s name on his chest.

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Det Snr Const Gibney said the Australian Border Force confirmed Prakash’s identity using passport photos taken before he left Australia.

Prakash After serving a prison sentence in Turkey, he was flown to the northern territory on a chartered plane on Friday morning.

In 2016, he was mistakenly believed to have been killed in a US military strike in Mosul, Iraq. However, that same year Australian authorities confirmed he was still alive and had been arrested in Turkey.

Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton revoked Prakash’s citizenship in 2018 after accusing him of IS membership and because he was a Fijian.

Fijian immigration officials insisted PrakashBorn to a Fijian father, never acquired or sought citizenship and refused to accept him.

Social Media Recruiter

Prakash The importance of his alleged use of social media to attract potential recruits to IS and terror plots in Australia has increased. He is also listed in IS documents as one of the group’s top recruiters.

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In a statement, the AFP said its officers had maintained a comprehensive framework for handling Australians facing terrorist offenses and that there was no threat to society.

Prakash A major Sydney underworld figure who fled Australia to Turkey while on trial for drug offenses was on the same plane.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Nigel Ryan said any wanted Australians in Turkey would be extradited.

“We are relentless in tracking down these people who want to do harm in Australia,” Mr Ryan said earlier on Friday.

“We will relentlessly track them down, get them back and ensure they are brought to justice here.”



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