A top British doctor says ‘Australia is quite racist’ and look down on Asian medical graduates

“The Aussies are quite racist, that’s just a fact,” said Dr. Salim Uddin.

dr Salim Uddin. StriveMed/YouTube

By: Pramod Thomas

A top British doctor has reportedly claimed Australians are “quite racist”, adding that they always look down on International Medical Graduates (IMG).

while dr Salim Uddin shared his experience of studying to be a doctor in the country, saying that “Aussies can be pretty mean if you’re not white”.

“If you’re more on the brown end of life, Aussies can be pretty mean, especially if you’re Asian,” he told medical podcast Strive Med.

“It is not the land of the rising sun and golden rainbows and springs and clear waters. The Aussies are pretty racist, that’s just a fact. They’re not that IMG friendly.”

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The IMG refers to doctors who are qualified at an institution abroad outside of their country of practice.

dr Uddin added that obtaining visas for Asians in Australia is a bigger problem than racism. He also recommended that doctors doing a two-year postgraduate medical education program known as the Foundation Program not go to Australia.

This qualification enables doctors to move from medical school to specialist and general practice.

He announced that even after seven months of his application, he is still in the first phase of visa processing. dr Uddin added that he needs the visa by February to work in Australia.

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according to dr Uddin could earn three times what he is currently earning in the UK in Australia. In addition, the working conditions are better, he added.

The average salary for a doctor in Australia is around $160,000 or $128,000 for entry-level jobs. In the UK, it’s $128,000, or $68,000 for beginners.

“You get more annual leave, you get more study time. It’s also a much more relaxed lifestyle. 38-hour weeks. The work is amazing. That’s the good thing about going to Australia. It’s easy to get a job. I applied online, I had a five-minute interview,” the doctor was quoted as saying on the podcast.

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The podcast’s video went viral on TikTok, where many users responded to Dr. Uddin reacted.

A user agreed with his comments, saying that “there is a silent insidious racism” prevalent in the country that is difficult to combat.

“Facts… suffered from this during my internship (as a Middle Eastern person),” said another user.

But some disagreed with his statement that the country was “culturally diverse.”

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