8 Things The Crown Season 5 Gets Wrong About The Royals’ History

NetflixThe real life drama of Crown is back for its fifth season. The Peter Morgan-led drama follows the royal family through the trials and tribulations of the 1990s.

The new season begins with Charles and Diana’s trip to Italy, 10 years after their 1991 wedding and a year before their divorce. The final episode takes place in July 1997, a month before Princess Diana’s tragic death.

Many fans and real-life figures, including actress Judi Dench, former prime minister Tony Blair and John Major, have expressed concern about the show’s veracity. Major and Blair, who are popular on the show, criticized the show for being factually incorrect.

Dench wrote to the Times of London, Calling the show “brutally unfair” and “hurtful,” Netflix was urged to add a statement “for the families and nations affected by the recent tragedy.” Price, who played Prince Phillip in the last series, said he was “very disappointed with his fellow artists” for publicly discrediting the show.

When it comes to the latest season, what are the biggest factual mistakes? Crown.


8/8 Has Prince Charles met John Major about the Queen’s abdication?

One of the most controversial scenes of the final season is the meeting between Prince Charles (Dominic West) and then-Prime Minister John Major (played by Jonny Lee Miller). Charles talked about the kidnapping of the Queen, compared his mother to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and left the role to be replaced by Major.

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The meeting never took place and the Prime Minister believes it is unconstitutional for the Crown Prince to meet privately.

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A spokesman for Major said: “There was never any discussion between Sir John and the Prince of Wales about the abdication of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and at no time did the then Prince of Wales (or Sir John) raise such an inappropriate or inappropriate subject. )”.


7/8 Was Mohamed Al-Fayed inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1946?

In the opening scene of the third episode, a young Mohamed Al-Fayed sees the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in post-war Alexandria. Meetings with the royal family all showed that Fayed’s style and taste were stimulated.

Although al-Fayed had an interest and desire for power from a young age, this meeting never took place. In 1946, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lived mostly in France, with occasional visits to Great Britain and America. There is no record of Mohamed Al-Fayed, the young man who saw them, ever going to Alexandria that year.

He sponsored the Royal Windsor Horse Show between 1982 and 1998, and leased the home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor for 50 years, furnishing it at his own expense.

6/8 Did Princess Diana Ask for £35m in Divorce?

Princess Diana’s (played by Elizabeth Debicki) divorce settlement has never been made public, but is believed to have been £17m, plus £400,000 a year to maintain her private office staff. It was the largest in British legal history at the time.

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Rumor has it that if she remarried, she would have lost Kensington Palace, the royalties, and her title as Princess of Wales.There is no evidence that she asked for that much.

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5/8 Did John Major help divorcing couples?

There is no evidence that Prime Minister John Major played a role in the negotiations, but he tried to help the couple save their relationship.

Richard Toye said History Extra John Major said: “Before the couple split in 1996, they met separately with the Queen, Charles and Diana to discuss the matter. The late biographer Anthony Sheldon later revealed that Diana had sent several letters of thanks to the prime minister.”

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The major himself is tight-lipped about the talks between him and the royal family. In October, his spokesman said: “Discussions between the King and the Prime Minister are entirely private and will always remain so for Sir John.”

4/8 Did Prince Charles and Princess Diana see each other privately after the divorce?

Another much-talked-about scene in the fifth season is the meeting between Prince Charles and Diana at Kensington Palace after their divorce.

In this scene, the couple discusses their time together and whether they were truly happy in their relationship. They discuss the future of the monarchy and whether they want William to be king.

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There are no reports of the two seeing each other again after their breakup. Sadly, their next meeting may be in 1997 when they visit a Paris hospital after Charles’ untimely death.

3/8 Did Phillip have an affair with Penny?

In the first episode, we see Prince Philip develop a relationship with Penelope Knatchbull (Natasha McElhone), Princess Mountbatten of Burma. In the show, their friendship develops after his daughter Leonora dies of kidney cancer. In reality, they were friends before her daughter’s death, and Knatchbull lived in Balmoral more than a decade ago. At the time, the press believed she was Charles’ girlfriend.

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It’s true that Prince Philip loved carriages and that they took part in carriage driving competitions together. There is no evidence that it was anyone who encouraged him to take up the hobby. Their friendship was so strong that he was one of 30 mourners at his funeral in April 2021.

Although it was mentioned in The Crown, there is no evidence that Prince Philip and Penny Natchbull had an intimate relationship.

2/8 Is Princess Margaret Reunited With Peter Townsend?

The film’s most touching scene is when Margaret and Peter reunite years after their romance ended.

Margaret appeared on Desert Island Discs, but it was all over 1981, and Stardust was not one of her best songs. Their choice of songs on the show encourages him to reconnect with her.

Townsend and Margaret met again in 1978 after Lord Snowdon’s divorce. Unfortunately, the former lovers did not dance together at the Caledonian Club, and Townsend never returned Margaret’s letter, and she died in June 1995.

1/8 Did Diana’s brakes stop working?

In the seventh grade, Diana is driving her car when she approaches a traffic light and her brakes begin to fail. Suspecting foul play, he switches cars.

There is no evidence that this happened in real life, but Diana was very paranoid in the years leading up to her death. Diana’s ex-lover, Hasnat Khan, testified at the inquest into her death in 2008, explaining that he switched cars after believing the brakes had been tampered with.


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