7 Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World

Visiting a restaurant has long been considered not only a way out to taste delicious food, but also an opportunity to show yourself and admire the wonderful interior. The design of such rooms used to be pompous, with lots of columns, mirrors and gold. But this is not the limit, now there are so many interesting solutions for decorating restaurants, and they are being built in very unusual places.

Ithaa, Maldives

Ithaa in the Maldives is considered the most beautiful restaurant in the world. This facility is located underwater at a depth of 5 meters. While eating you can admire the inhabitants of the Indian Ocean because the walls are made of very strong transparent acrylic. The menu is dominated by dishes from European cuisine.

Nautical, Croatia

Nautika is a great restaurant in Croatia. It is located in the city of Dubrovnik. The view from the terrace of this restaurant, where the tables are placed, opens not only to the sea, but also to the two oldest fortresses. This institution in the old town is very popular with famous actors and directors.

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Maiden Tower, Turkey

A very original Maiden Tower restaurant. Located in Turkey, it is housed in the Maiden Tower, which is a symbol of Istanbul. Here you can also take one Walking tour of Istanbul to see the exquisite architecture. At different times there was a fortress, a hospital, a lighthouse and even a prison for those sentenced to death. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant, Kenya

Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant is a truly unique institution in Kenya that will not leave anyone indifferent. How not to get excited when you have to dine in caves that are roughly 180,000 years old? Sip wine and watch the stars through the open roof!

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Sirocco Restaurant, Bangkok

Sirocco Restaurant in Bangkok is probably the ultimate establishment where you can taste great cuisine. It is on the 63rd floor of the second tallest building in Thailand. The lighting in this restaurant is simply wonderful: dazzling iridescence from blue to delicate violet, from magenta to red. A visit to the institution leaves no one indifferent, and the heart freezes when looking at the city from such a height.

Mozaic Restaurant, Indonesia

A wonderful Mozaic restaurant has opened in Indonesia, located right in the tropical forest among palm trees, baobabs and other plants. The luxurious menu is adjusted almost daily. The best time to visit this restaurant is, of course, in the evening: all the tables are decorated with candles, the wonderful reflections of which will certainly lift the spirits for the coming year.

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Turandot, Russia

In terms of luxury, the “Turandot” restaurant in Moscow takes first place. At least two million dollars are known to have gone into the interior design. The hall is decorated with frescoes, gilded furniture and a stunning chandelier. Musicians perform live music.

Remember that a good trip is not only a beach, a hotel or the architecture of an old city, but also good food. I hope this guide will help you taste interesting cuisine and be impressed by the restaurants.

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