7 Emerging Travel Trends To Expect For 2023

2022 was quite a year for trips. As the world adjusted to post-Covid-19 travel, and the “new normal” returned to the old routine, travelers hit the road and returned to the skies with great freedom and comfort – but also thinner wallets, new demands and a lot of changes in travel and tourism, including hotel changes, major program changes Loyalty, astronomical airfares and destinations that still feel like ghost towns. Telecommuting has really had an impact on the way people travel—they’re checking into properties for longer periods—and vacation rentals are outstripping traditional hotels as preferred accommodations. As we look at emerging travel trends for 2023, we see changes that may not just be trends, but permanent features.
One thing that will affect travel trends for 2023 is the rising costs of almost everything related to travel: hotels, vacation rentals, airline tickets, restaurants, Ubers, attractions, and more. Since the tourism industry took a huge hit during the pandemic, it only makes economic sense for travel businesses to make up for lost revenue. This means extremely high prices. The good news is that it doesn’t stop travelers from taking vacations. In fact, millions of travelers are already planning trips, which actually helps the travel industry with an expected 20% increase in profits.

Take a look at our top trends that will impact travel in 2023.

7 emerging travel trends to expect in 2023

Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

1. Travelers will prefer short-term rentals and vacation rentals (like Airbnb and Vrbo) over large chain hotels.

Catskills Jupiter Rising Pool
Catskills Vacation Rentals
If you know us, we love vacation rentals. In fact, the advantages of vacation rentals are huge compared to hotels (cheaper, more space, kitchens, plenty of outdoor areas, more intimacy, better value for money, etc.). We even predicted this would happen last year: more travelers will start booking Airbnb and vacation rentals through chain hotels – and now the proof is in the pudding.
American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) reported that the chain’s hotel rates will increase significantly in 2023. This price increase was predicted by CNBC back in June 2022, well after our forecast appeared. Not only do travelers see benefits, cost inflation will have a greater impact on hotels than independently owned properties.
The short-term rental market offers more affordable properties in the same locations as chain hotels, and we’re seeing big growth in independent accommodations, including Airbnb, vacation rentals, inns, boutique hotels, B&Bs, and unique privately owned properties like castles. and intercepted. Even eviivo, a leading asset management platform, named the number one PMS by Tech Times, has seen a significant increase in demand. Furthermore, Expedia’s Q4 2021 Travel Recovery Trend Report showed that vacation rentals surpassed hotels in booking popularity in 2023.
There will also be endless possibilities. More people are renting out their private spaces and buying second homes to turn into vacation rentals to supplement their income, according to the Wall Street Journal. Airbnb also released data showing 2022 rocketing in new listings, with new US hosts earning more 1.8 billion dollarsAn increase of 34% from the previous year.

It’s clear as day: short-term rental bookings will be hot for 2023.

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2. Travelers are seasoned, not pinching pennies as others think.

Waiting for this red wine 🙂
As we mentioned earlier, travelers are booking despite inflation and rising costs – and they’re actually not holding back when it comes to spending. It’s not just our trend: According to Booking.com’s Travel in 2023 report, nearly half of travelers said they would be more indulgent in their vacation spending habits to make up for the lack of travel in the past two years. 72% report that travel will always be worth it with a The spirit of travelers moving to “bold adaptability” for 2023.
As a frequent traveler myself, I now move to that amazing hotel suite rather than a standard room to pamper myself – and to make up for lost travel days. Also, if you know how to look for savings and book smartly at a hotel or resort, you know you can always get the price you’re looking for. The Travelers have the ball in their court; Not hotels. Keep this in mind when ordering. You can always negotiate. Either way, this will be one of the top travel trends of 2023.
Qatar Airways

“We’ve seen an increase in bookings at many of our most luxurious properties across Europe,” says Michel Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo. “After two years of lockdown, lockdown and a flurry of changes to tourism infrastructure, travelers are willing to treat themselves regardless of the cost, even if that means booking a room category At a higher level than they usually order. They also see the added value of staying in a wonderful independent property that offers more space, amenities and privacy compared to a chain hotel room, giving them plenty of reasons to splurge.”

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Travel expenses are actually 6% above 2019 levels as of December 2022, as per to the American Travel Association.

That’s not to say travelers won’t be budget-conscious when they travel in 2023, but they will be smarter when booking, including taking advantage of never-before-seen travel deals, participating in loyalty programs and booking directly on an accommodation’s website to get the best rate. In fact, according to an eviivo survey conducted in August 2022, over 53% of travelers worldwide prefer to book their stay directly at the accommodation.

3. The top five goals for 2023 have a theme: relax, relax, relax!

Nautilus cruise

“From our data, we’ve seen a strong increase in interest and bookings in these perfect, relaxing destinations,” says Jill Walker, director of distribution at eviivo, “so, of course, the proof is in the pudding.”

France. From Paris to Marseille, France is the most sought-after destination for 2023, having appeared on almost all 2023 travel top lists.

Cities and regions that made the lists include: Paris by American Express, Marseille by Lonely Planet, the Jura wine region by T+L, Megeve by Forbes and the Loire Valley by Conde Nast Traveller.
United Kingdom. Not only did Travel + Leisure put the entire country of the UK on their list for 2023 (versus specific cities, towns or regions), Conde Nast Traveler named Wales, Fodor’s named Rye, and both National Geographic and Lonely Planet named Manchester, England. Top destinations for 2023 Not to mention Time Out also included Manchester as the fourth best UK city to visit in 2023.
We can admit Ted Lasso, Crown, Enola Holmes, Bridgerton and many other popular British series that have inspired travelers to seek out Britain, as TV-themed itineraries are on the rise, according to the New York Times.
In Expedia Group’s 2023 Traveler Value Index, among travelers surveyed from the US, 68% said they would consider visiting a destination after seeing it in a show or movie on a streaming platform – and 61% of those travelers booked a trip based on that viewing alone.
Portugal. Portugal is hot for 2023. Conde Nast Traveler US named Melides, Portugal; CN Traveler UK on behalf of Lisbon and Madeira; American Express named Lisbon; Valentho by Forbes.
New Mexico. Known for its stunning desert scenery and national parks, New Mexico has been named a top destination for 2023 by Lonely Planet, as well as Travel Lemming, a respected travel site with 6 million unique monthly visitors.

4. Travelers will embrace nature more than cities – but they won’t leave their devices

Honestly, who wouldn’t take a selfie at this beach?
Travelers who are more inclined to lighten their luggage are choosing trains over planes to reduce their carbon footprint and opting for an “off the grid” vacation experience. Sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible travel will gain momentum, especially with millennials and GenXers. With the stress of traveling alone, travelers want a simple ride, and they want peace and quiet. After all, the epidemic really took its toll on us!

Booking.com’s report revealed that nearly half of global travelers want their 2023 vacation to be more “back to basics” — like eco-friendly cabins, beaches, forests — but 53% still want a phone and internet connection at their destination. So, these resorts Where do they take your laptops and mobile phones? Sure, they’ll still be invited, but devices are basically “family” now – and we’re not leaving our family behind on trips, especially in 2023. This is a big indicator of the “mobile work” trend (see below # 7) And why it’s one of the top travel trends for 2023.

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5. Health will be a priority for improving mental health and healing.

2023 will see the rise of the “Culture Quake” resort, but as we mentioned in #4, people still want peace, quiet, nature and a beautiful environment, especially post-Covid-19. This includes all aspects of health and improving mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Spas will have their moment, as will quiet retreats and experimental wellness (forest bathing, anyone?), including spiritual journeys (yes, Burning Man will be the thing this year).
While solo travel isn’t a trend, it’s definitely on the rise for people who just want moments to themselves, whether it’s for soul-searching or just needing to do some personal development as they move out of Covid-19 and into a brand new event. period. According to RateGain, a global hospitality and forecasting data specialist and eviivo partner, “single” passengers were just as high as “couples” over “family” passenger profiles on the busiest days at London’s airports in December 2022.

Health is going to be pretty contagious. Not only travelers will be looking for it, so will people who work in travel.

eviivo, which launched a mobile app in May, surveyed property hosts and boutique hoteliers in a recent report. 91% said a booking and property management mobile app is “extremely important” to running their business – and 47% said a mobile app is important to their work-life balance. A 2022 report from Skift and AWS shows that improving employee experiences in the travel sector has a direct impact on customers.

6. Hosting technology will be a priority – and is everywhere.

Mobile order.

Automation is everything, and it will dictate how people travel. Think virtual reality and the Metaverse, as well as contactless Everything. ninthravelers will book and manage their vacations using all kinds of advanced technology, including automatic check-in at hotels and properties and booking directly on your phone.

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Travelers are starting to see it everywhere. At airports, hotels, attractions, restaurants, you name it. Some hotels even have robots that do things for you, and many luxury hotels have iPads where you can do everything (open curtains, get room service, call housekeeping, etc.) with the push of a button.

7. “Moving work” is the new “work from home”.

Itinerant work
Even before the epidemic, I worked from home for 20 years. Now, I’ve taken my laptop on the road and go on monthly trips often. I’m glad to see it going viral. Between 2019 and 2021, working from home will triple from 5.7% to 17.9%, according to new data released by the US Census Bureau. As of the second quarter of 2022, Airbnb reported that long-term stays (28 days or more) were up nearly 25% from 2021 and nearly 90% from 2019, according to the New York Times. These may be the top travel trends for 2023.
Remote work he New normal, and it allows people to “work from roaming” so they can work anywhere in the world. If there is one blessing in disguise from the epidemic, it is this. We can do our Zoom calls from our laptops, and in-person meetings are on the decline as we see employees actually become more productive when they’re not tied to a desk and in back-to-back in-person meetings. The best of all? Itinerant work allows people to see and explore the world – and that’s why it’s on the rise significantly. The New York Times noted that employers, countries and travel brands are making it easier for people to work globally, and more than 20 countries now offer special visas to allow foreigners to live and work remotely within their borders, including Portugal and Spain.


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