6 things mentally strong people with high Emotional Intelligence never do

Emotional strength is a weapon for success. Many people think this is something humans are born with, but this is a myth that is easily debunked. Mental strength is a product of Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, and is often considered inferior to IQ. It’s a flexible skill that can be improved with effort, and it’s important for those who want to master this coveted skill to know what to do and what not to do to achieve it. Here are 6 things mentally strong people with high emotional intelligence and EQ never do.

Stay in their comfort zone

They are increasingly aware of their limitations and are constantly taking on challenges to push their boundaries and master new things. Sure, it’s infinitely more comfortable to turn a blind eye to your weaknesses, because no one likes to see themselves lose, but complacency never leads to high EQ!

Let fear rule them

It is often said that courage is nothing more than being afraid of something and doing it anyway. This is especially true in careers, where public speaking or trying to get a promotion can be intimidating. Mentally strong people acknowledge their fear, but realize that going ahead and giving in to their orders will inevitably lead to loss; Trying to get through it gives them at least a fighting chance.

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Stop believing in yourself

They persevere even when they fail and learn from their mistakes instead of seeing them as an insurmountable obstacle. They struggle with monotony, temporary feelings, as well as negative comments from other people.

Hold grudges or be around negative people

Revenge brings negative emotions and stress, which over time can negatively affect a person’s health. Negativity clouds criticism and distracts them from their true focus. Likewise, being in the presence of toxic people reduces one of their energy levels. Driven people know the difference between giving a sympathetic ear and sinking into their emotional spiral of self-pity, and are wary of tipping their toes.

Feel entitled or jealous

Emotionally stable people understand that the world is a meritocracy and believe in working for opportunities rather than waiting to be served. They take responsibility for their successes and failures, they do not envy others’ victories, because they know that the happiness of others does not detract from their success.

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Allow people to express their happiness

People with strong minds don’t compare their success to others. They know that everyone is different and that the ratio of success and failure will be different. That being said, they don’t let other people control their happiness. Their motivation to succeed comes from within, and they take all outside opinions with a pinch of salt!


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