6 Must-Try Experiences From Different Countries To Add To Your Bucket List RN!

September 27th is celebrated as World Tourism Day and this year it is very special. After a pandemic hiatus of over two years, there has been a sharp surge in international travel this year. With our favorite countries finally opening up to tourists, there are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a specific country for your next trip. With social media constantly showing us the unexplored gems from around the world, our bucket list is now officially endless. Aesthetic beauty is waiting to be explored around every corner. In a dilemma like this, why not turn to the classics? On this World Tourism Day, we bring you a list of 5 must-do activities from around the world!

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Nice experiences not to try all over the world

6 must-try activities from around the world

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride, Turkiye

An activity that has become synonymous with the name ‘Cappadocia’, hot air ballooning is an absolute must for everyone. It’s romantic, peaceful, exciting, and incredibly photogenic, making it a great addition, especially for your social pursuits. Turkey is a beautiful country with a large tourism sector. Turkish hospitality is something that many other countries and cultures have tried to adopt. If you are not a fan of hot air balloon rides, just being nearby is enough to relieve all your stress. Numerous cafes overlook the site where this activity is conducted. With a book in hand, sip the famous Turkish coffee and you will be mesmerized by the colourful, aesthetic balloons!


2. Wildlife Safari, Kenya

The Masai Mara has been trending on Instagram recently as it is a popular Bollywood destination. The wildlife safari in Masai Mara, Kenya is worth the hype that has been created. In a place that has perhaps the richest wildlife on earth, you will find your stress and problems trivial. Safaris ensure that both you and the animals understand that you are the guest who has come to animal land and not the other way around. As you observe the wildlife, you will marvel at the generosity and beauty of the animals and birds.


3. Tasting of the best pizza in Italy

Isn’t it funny how a dish that originated in Italy was made available around the world with country versions? It’s on every foodie’s bucket list to try the best pizza in the world. The referendum of people on the internet tells us that you can find the world’s best pizza in Naples, Italy. Located just 25 minutes drive from Naples, Masanielli di Francesco Martucci is your place. A great landmark is that it is located near the Royal Palace of Caserta, the largest palace in the world. You can see that the pizzas here are made with the passion that Italy and the Italians are famous for!


4. Climbing a Pyramid, Egypt

All lovers of history, archaeology, anthropology and architecture have one thing in common. They all admire one of the greatest creations of mankind – the Pyramids of Giza. Even the name “Egypt” is reminiscent of pyramids and mummies! As frightening or spooky as the image of Egypt may be, it has a very significant history that it has been able to preserve. There are around 118 pyramids at Giza in Cairo. However, there are a few pyramids to climb. Unless you are claustrophobic, pregnant or with any physical ailments, you must climb the inside of a pyramid! You may not be allowed to take photos or videos, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to brag about!


5. Water Sports, Abu Dhabi

Known as the safest city in the world, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, welcomes tourists all year round. The place and its people are super hospitable and the world knows them for their generosity. There are many activities that can be done here. Some unique activities like kite surfing, jet skiing, orca boating etc are just some of the many activities that can be done here. Abu Dhabi’s wildlife is extremely rich and can be seen in the Mangrove National Park. The park full of animals such as flamingos, crabs, rhinos, etc. also offers you the opportunity to have an island picnic with your family. The largest inflatable water park in Abu Dhabi – Aqua Dhabi offers great services for children and adults with water babies!

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6. Photo Tours, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its scenic landscapes and sweeping viewpoints. There are numerous places to click great pictures in New Zealand and it is definitely a photo lover’s paradise. You can enjoy a photography tour with the most beautiful places to take photos in New Zealand including Milford Sound, Bay of Islands, Tongariro National Park, Rotorua to name a few.

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