4 Iconic desserts to enjoy while visiting Bali

Like most visitors, you might come to Bali for the beaches and cheap international accommodation, but you should also try the local delicacies while you’re there. Due to the irresistible flavors and scents of Balinese desserts, a visit to Bali would not be complete without spending some time exploring the local cuisine. Here main ingredients for desserts are coconut milk and rice flour. Bali is an island rich in tropical fruits, palm sugar and other ingredients that also serve as a unique addition to most sweets.

Check out these 4 Iconic Desserts of Bali for a fine tasting treat.

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Baked Bananas

1. Pisang Goreng

Ever thought of trying Indonesian banana fritters? Here it is, pisang goreng, a delicious Balinese treat that will transport you to a paradise of voluminous flavors. Pisang goreng are essentially breaded, fried bananas. The batter becomes crunchy after frying, while the banana naturally remains sweet and tender. This delicious Balinese treat is a must-try.

2. Klepon

Klepon is a delicious dessert from Indonesia made with glutinous rice flour and the enticing flavors of pandan, coconut and palm sugar. It’s a popular street food bite, often found in Bali’s street markets. One of the best Asian dishes, usually served on a platter or in a container made from banana leaves.

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3. Serabi

Rice flour is used to make these traditional small pancakes known as serabi, which are then mixed with either coconut milk or shredded coconut. The pancake is typically consumed with kinca, a rich golden-brown coconut sugar syrup that adds to the sweetness of traditional serabi. The pancakes can be made sweet or savory with a choice of toppings including honey, banana, peanut butter, jackfruit, chocolate sprinkles, etc.

Cake Susu Bali

4. Cake Susu Bali

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A puff pastry shell filled with custard and condensed milk fills the Pie Susu, a classic Bali custard tart. This Indonesian milk pie is a well-known delicacy and is available across the island. These sweet tartlets are such a delicious delicacy! Your taste buds will be truly enchanted by these crunchy, buttery, slightly sweet treats filled with a thick milky cream.

Travel to Bali immediately to find the most delicious interpretations of these desserts if you want to enjoy them.

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