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Alumni Club of Indonesia –

E. Gordon Gee Spirit of Ohio State Prize

This award recognizes people and programs that demonstrate a dedication to the State of Ohio and promote the school spirit with integrity and honor to improve the university and its history.

Members of the Alumni Club of Indonesia

The Alumni Club of Indonesia, winner of the E. Gordon Gee Spirit Award, has not let a global pandemic slow it down. Instead, they became more creative and productive. In 2021 alone, Buckeyes hosted an impressive 14 club events in Indonesia, the most engagements of any Ohio State alumni club or society, both domestically and internationally.

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“We knew how important it is for our members to maintain their business and social connections, and our entire team came together to make that happen,” says Johnwei Muljono ’89, president of the club, which has about 300 members.

The club took its events online and hosted webinars, an education fair, a digital economy conference and talk shows on geopolitics and parenting. They sponsored online game boxes to cheer on the Buckeyes. They even raised $20,000 to purchase personal protective equipment for healthcare workers to support their response to the pandemic.

“We’re all volunteers, and we give our time because we have this passion to deliver something meaningful and sustainable,” says Muljono.

Since the club’s inception in 2016, the self-proclaimed Indo Buckeyes have focused on business, educational, and social activities to engage alumni and promote the State of Ohio to Indonesian students and leaders in the country.

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“We are all very proud of our connection to the state of Ohio, and many of us came back from Columbus to help build our country,” says Muljono. “We want to continue this foundation as we engage the younger generation in Indonesia.”

“The Alumni Club of Indonesia exemplifies a dedication to alma mater in a way that few others can match. Her collaborative spirit, humble approach, and continuous pursuit of excellence embody what makes this university and the alumni club so special.”
Daniel Rodriguez ’17, ’21 MPA, Regional Engagement Officer at Ohio State Alumni Association

To that end, the club worked closely with government leaders in Indonesia to list the state of Ohio as an “elective university” for students wishing to study abroad. “It’s an important distinction, because the government only gives scholarships to students who attend a university of their choice,” he says.

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In 2022, the club resumed its in-person events, beginning with a Tech Expo attended by the founders of five start-up tech companies, all Ohio State alumni, and the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries. In November, the club hosts Columbus Night, a celebration of music, dance and fashion for Indo Buckeyes and friends.

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