14 Hidden Details You Missed In The Last Of Us Episode 2

Attention! This article contains spoilers for both The Last of Us Episode 2 and the original game.The last of us Episode 2 features plenty of foreshadowing for the future of the series, hidden details, and game Easter eggs for the audience to sink their teeth into. The last of us Episode 2 picks up almost immediately after the premiere ended, with Joel and Tess continuing their journey to the State House with Ellie in tow. While clocking in at around 50 minutes, significantly shorter than The last of us Episode 1, the second episode of the HBO video game adaptation still contains many nods and references to the original game and the future story of the show.

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From the opening scene of the episode, which dramatically changes the origin of the infection, to the sequence in the State House with tragic consequences at the end of The last of us Episode 2, the show is full of hidden details. With the story expected to continue with The last of us Episode 3 in the introduction of Bill and Frank, this will only continue.

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Jakarta’s Connections To Last Of Us Episode 1

Last of Us Episode 2 Ibu Ratna Joel Radio

The opening sequence of The last of us Episode 2 takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia, two days before the outbreak seen in Texas in the opening of Episode 1. The scene details the beginning of the worldwide epidemic, with many infected workers missing and professor of mycology Ibu Ratna brought in to help come up with a cure. However, Ratna says that no vaccine is possible and is visibly shaken by the fact that 14 infected workers are not accounted for. This links to a hidden detail and The last of us Episode 1 where disturbances in Jakarta, Indonesia are mentioned on Joel’s radio.

Joel’s final choice is predicted by Ibu Ratna

Ibu Ratna Joel Last of Us

The opening of The last of us Episode 2 also foreshadows the end of the series and Joel’s decision. At the end of the game, Joel chooses to kill every Firefly working on Ellie and save the latter’s life rather than have her killed to potentially extract a cure. This choice is suggested by Ibu Ratna, who says that no vaccine is possible and that every infected area should be bombed. This shows why Joel’s later decision could be right, which will undoubtedly be in the last episode of The last of us.

Joel and Tess’ opinion of Ellie sets up the end of The Last of Us

Joel Tess Ellie Last of Us

The first scene with Joel and Tess The last of us Episode 2 sees them watching Ellie, waiting for any sign that Ellie’s The last of us immune condition is not real. Tess then approaches Ellie and asks what the fireflies want. After saying that they want to use Ellie to find a cure, Joel shocks the decision by saying that a vaccine or cure is not possible and that the fireflies have tried it before. This also sets up Joel’s decision to save Ellie because he doesn’t believe a cure is possible.

The Last Of Us Episode 2’s Clicker Easter Egg

The last of our clickers infected variant

After the scene mentioned above of Joel and Tess discussing Ellie’s immunity, Joel opens the door to the outside world to continue towards the State House and the fireflies waiting for Ellie. When opening the door, the sound design has a subtle easter egg for the clickers The last of us Episode 2. The door creaks open, with the crack almost identical to the clicking sound that gives Clickers their name.

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Last Of Us Episode 2 Has Another Riley Clue

The Last of Us Riley Ellie

As Joel, Tess and Ellie travel to the State House The last of us Episode 2, Tess begins to learn more about how Ellie was bitten in the first place. Ellie tells Tess that she was alone in an off-limits mall in the Boston QZ when she was attacked by an infected. The episode makes it clear that Ellie is lying about being alone, and points out who was really at the mall with Ellie that day.

As known from The Last of Us: Left BehindEllie was with her friend Riley at the mall, and both were bitten, resulting in Ellie’s survival. The last of us will show Riley and Ellie’s story as shown from the trailer, with The last of us Episode 2 continues to anticipate this. Storm Reid will play Riley and was seen in The last of us’ Marketing at different points.

Ellie’s sexuality is hinted at in The Last of Us Episode 2

Ellie and Riley in The Last of Us

The sequence with Tess questioning Ellie’s backstory also hints at Ellie’s lesbian identity from the games. After asking if any parents or a friend will come looking for Ellie, she replies that she is an orphan before hesitantly denying that she has no friend. Ramsey’s performance and the pointed nature of the scene is a hint at Ellie’s homosexuality, which is explored with Riley. The last of us.

Bloater HBO Last of Us

Another thing that sets up the sequence on the highway is The last of us’ Bloaters. In the world of The last of usBloaters are hosts that have been infected by the fungi Cordyceps The last of us for a decade or longer, resulting in hardened plaques of fungi that make them extremely difficult to kill. In the game, Bloaters also shoot out balls of mushrooms that explode into noxious fumes when inhaled. In this scene and The last of us Episode 2, Ellie jokingly asks, “So it’s not super infected that explode fungal spores on you?” in a direct reference to the game’s bloater creatures.

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Last Of Us Episode 2 Pokes Fun At Ellie’s Game Character

Bella Ramsey Ellie The Last of Us

A section of The last of us Episode 2 takes place in an abandoned hotel that Joel and Tess use to scout their way forward. Upon reaching the hotel, the lobby is filled with water, leading Ellie to say that she can’t swim. Joel replies, “Seriously?” before jumping into the water, which is only waist-high in depth. This funny scene works as an easy joke for non-gamers while having fun The last of us Play the most annoying levels in which players Ellie must find ways across bodies of water for those who are familiar with the game.

Last Of Us Episode 2’s hotel scene is a direct game reference

Ellie Hotel Last of Us Episode 2

In the hotel, a scene with Ellie pretending to check into the hotel and pretending to be a bellhop is also a direct game reference. At a hotel in the game, Ellie does the same and pretends to be a higher-ranking member of society checking into the hotel, to which Joel says, “You are a strange child.” Ellie answers the same thing. This scene is almost word for word The last of us Episode 2.

Sarah’s presence continues beyond the last of us

Joel Watch Episode 2 Sarah Last of Us

Another hidden detail is sprinkled throughout The last of us Episode 2 revolves around the presence of Sarah. The opening sequence of The last of us Episode 1, and Joel’s brutal murder of the police officer at the end of The last of us Episode 1, are included to set the motivation of Joel’s character. His journey and eventual acceptance of Ellie is foreshadowed by Sarah’s death. Every time Ellie confronts Joel The last of us Episode 2, Joel unconsciously looks at his bloody knuckles or broken watch as she reminds him of Sarah.

The Last Of Us Episode 2’s Museum Is A Game Easter Egg

Last of Us Episode 2 Museum

The main action sequence of the episode takes place in a museum, which is a direct reference to a game level. In the game, Joel, Tess and Ellie fight their way through a clicker-infested museum, which also happens in The last of us Episode 2. The museum is recreated almost exactly as it was in the game, from the Civil War memorabilia to the blue and white trimmed interior.

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Last Of Us Episode 2’s Rooftop Scene contains shot-for-shot elements

Joel Ellie State House Last of Us Episode 2

The sequence after the museum action scene also contains direct references from the game. One shot shows Bella Ramsey’s Ellie crossing a wooden plank into another building against the backdrop of abandoned Boston, an image recreated almost exactly from the game. The following sequence sees Joel (Pedro Pascal) asking Ellie if the State House was “Everything you hoped for?” Ellie replies, “Juries still out. But man, you can’t deny that view”. This is a word-for-word, shot-for-shot recreation of a scene from the play that foreshadows an important upcoming scene in HBO’s The last of us must contain.

Tess’s death confirms that she had feelings for Joel

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Tess Joel and Ellie in Boston

The ending sequence of The last of us Episode 2 adapts Tess’s death from the games. In this scene, after Tess reveals to Tess that she was bitten by a clicker, she asks Joel to take Ellie to Bill and Frank, set up The last of us Episode 3. She says she never asked Joel for anything, not even to feel how she feels. This finally confirms the long-standing theory that Joel and Tess were together, only that it was mostly one-sided. While Joel and Tess were intimate during their time in Boston, Joel did not feel the same way about Tess, probably due to his traumatic past.

Tess’s last words to Joel’s preview of the end

The last of us Tess and Joel

Finally, Tess’s last words to Joel foreshadow his decision to break up with Ellie. Tess tells Joel “Save who you can save.“This links to Joel saving Ellie at the end of The last of us at the expense of the fire flower life in the Cordyceps cure. This is yet another subtle way HBO’s video game adaptation sets up Joel’s eventual, controversial decision at the end of the series.

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